The Wisdom of Luqman (pbuh)

Once Luqman was sleeping at noon. Allah ordered the angels to say to him: "O Luqman, would you like it if Allah made you his vicegerent on earth and so you rule people?" He said to them: "If Allah made me choose, I would prefer wellbeing over hardship. Yet if Allah wanted me to do it I shall listen and obey. I know that He will indeed help me and spare me from making mistakes." The angels said: "Why O Luqman?" He said: "Ruling is the toughest level. It is the most level effected by darkness from everywhere. If one was truthful he is barely saved. If one falls, he falls behind the road of heaven. Being a servile in Donia and honored in the Hereafter is better than being honored in Donia and a servile in the Hereafter. He who chooses Donia rather than the Hereafter shall fail in Donia and the Hereafter."

The angels were surprised by his fine speech. When he slept he was given all wisdom. He used to advise Dawood with his wisdom. Dawood said to him: "Congratulations to you O Luqman. You were granted wisdom and you were spared from hardship." Dawood became the vicegerent of Allah and he was tested with ruling.


Tafseer Al-Mizan Book 16/221