What Allah had Inspired to Dawood (pbuh)

Allah said: "Why you are alone?" Dawood said: "I abandoned people and they abandoned me because of You." Allah said: "Why you are silent?"  He said: "Fearing you silenced me." Allah said: "Why you are wearied?" He said: "Loving you wearied me."

Allah said: "Why you are poor and yet I gave you?" He said: "Working according to your truth and right made me poor." Allah said: "Why you are in humility?" He said: "The greatness of your glory that is above description humiliated me. It is true You have the right for that." Allah said: "You shall earn my merits. You shall receive what you love when you meet me. Blend in with people and avoid them in their evil acts and you shall earn from me what you please on Resurrection Day. (1)

The Messenger of Allah (Pbuhp) said: "Allah inspired to Dawood (pbuh): "As the sunlight is wide enough to encompass everyone who sits in it, my mercy can encompass everyone who earns it. As pessimism only affects the pessimistic ones, the pessimistic ones fail in the tests. As the closest ones to me on Resurrection Day are the humble ones, the farthest people from me are the arrogant ones."" (2)

Imam Sadiq (Pbuh) said: "Allah inspired to Dawood: " A servant of mine might do a righteous deed and so I grant him heaven." Dawood said: "What is this righteous deed?" Allah said: "Gladdening a faithful servant of mine even if  by giving him a date to eat." Dawood said: "Truly who knows you must never lose hope in you."

-Ibn Manbah said: "I read some lines in Al-Zabour Book, I memorized some and forgot some. I memorized:

"O Dawood, listen to what I say and what I say is the truth: I grant heaven to he who comes to me loving me.

O Dawood, listen to what I say and what I say is the truth: He who comes to me being shy of the sins by which he disobeyed me, I shall remit it for him and make the writers forget it.

O Dawood, listen to what I say and what I say is the truth: I grant heaven to he who comes to me carrying one righteous deed. Dawood said: "O Lord, what is this righteous deed." Allah said: "He who relieves a Muslim servant from his burdens." Dawood said: "O lord, this is why who knows you must never lose hope in you.""

Allah inspired to Dawood: "The servants love each other through their tongues and yet they detested each other in their others. They showed work for Donia and yet they hid deception and grudge. (3)

Allah said: "O Dawood, love me and make my creatures love me." Dawood said: "O Lord, I love you but how can I make your creatures love you?" Allah said: "Remind them of my bounties. When you remind them they start loving me." (4)

Allah said: "O Dawood, deliver glad tidings to the sinners and warn the saints."

Dawood said: "How do I deliver glad tidings to the sinners and warn the saints?" Allah said: " The glad tidings of the sinners is that I accept repentance and remit sins. Warn the saints not to like their acts because every servant that I set to judgment is to perish." (5)

Allah said: "O Dawood, he who loves one believes his sayings. He whose soul is relieved by his loved one he believes his sayings and accepts his acts. He who trusts his loved one depends on him. He who longs for his loved one he works hard to reach him. O Dawood, my remembrance is for the remembering ones. My heaven is for the obedient ones. My visit is for the longing ones. I myself am for the obedient ones. "(6)

Allah said: "O Dawood say to that tyrant: "I didn’t send you to collect Donia over Donia yet so that you don’t cause oppressed people supplicate me by advocating them. I promised myself to advocate him against who was present when he was treated unjustly and yet didn’t advocate him. " (7)

Allah said: "O Dawood, thank me as I should be thanked." Dawood said: "O Lord, how can I thank you in the way you should be thanked when thanking you is a bounty that you bestow upon me." Allah said: "Now you thanked me in the way I should be thanked."

Allah inspired to Dawood: "O Dawood, He who is devoted to me I suffice him. He who asks me I give him. He who supplicates me I respond to him. I might delay my response even if it accepted till the fate I destine happens. When it happens I do for him what he asked for. Say to the oppressed ones: "I might delay me response for you supplication against who oppressed you even if it accepted for many reasons that you aren’t aware of. I'm the most wise judge. You might have treated another man unjustly and so your supplication is canceled by his. You might have a rank in heaven that you can't reach but by being oppressed. This is because I try my servants with their money and selves. I might make a servant sick and so he comes short in praying or in his servitude yet his voice supplicating me in his affliction is dearer to me than the prayer of the praying ones. I might hit a servant with his prayer back in his face and block his voice from reaching me. Do you know who he is O Dawood? He is the one who always looks at the women of believers with the eye of sin. He is the one whose self tells him that if he gains authority he would kill unjustly."

"O Dawood,  when you gave charity wash it with the water of certainty. I stretch my hand before the hand of the taker. If the charity was from illicit money I throw it back in the face of the giver. If it was from licit money I order my angel to build the giver palaces in heaven. Leadership is not about dominion. The true leadership is in the hereafter. Exalted is the creator of light."


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