What Prophet Issa (pbuh) Enjoined His Companions With

Issa (pbuh) said to his companions: "Humans, run away from Donia towards Allah. Take your hearts out of it. It is not for you and you aren’t for it. It will not persist for you and you will not persist in it. It is the cunning and the saddening. It deceives he who is deceived by it. He is aggrieved he who feels safe in it. He is doomed he who loves it and seeks it. Turn in repentance to your creator. Fear your lord and fear the day when the father can't benefit his children and the children can’t benefit their parents.

Where are your fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children?

They were called and they answered the call. They are trusts under the soil. They are neighbors of the dead. They are among the doomed. They exited Donia. They left the loved ones. They needed what they presented and they forwent what they left behind. How many are the times when you are advised and prohibited and yet you are still unaware wasting time.

In Donia you are like cattle. Your only concern is your stomach and genitals. Aren't you shy from who created you and He promised that Fire is the punishment of who disobey him and yet you can't withstand fire. He also promised that the highest heaven is the reward of the ones who obey him. So compete for that and be worthy of it. Be fare to yourselves and be kind to the weak and needy ones among  you.

Turn in repentance righteously to Allah. Be righteous servants and don’t be arrogant kings or tyrannizing pharaohs who were arrogant over the One who subdued them by death, The All-Mighty over the mighty ones, The Lord of the Skies and Lands, The God of the first and the last, The Master of Religion Day, The One who has a severe painful punishment, no oppressors escapes him and nothing misses him, His Knowledge comprised everything and He places each one at his rank in heaven or hell.

You children of Adam, you are weak. How can you escape he who is present with you in the darkness of nights and brightness of days and in every situation you are in. He who advised delivered the message and he shall prosper he who learned a lesson from the advice."


Bihar Al-Anwar Book 14/288.