The rewards for crying over Imam Hussein (pbuh)

* Imam Al-Rida (PBUH) said to Ibin Shabeeb: "O Ibin Shabeeb! Al-Moharram is a month when the Jahilya Nation used to forbid oppression and fighting on it because of its sanctity; hence, this nation didn't know the sanctity of its month nor the sanctity of its prophet (PBUHP); they have killed on this month his descendants, took his women captives, and pillaged their belongings. Indeed Allah shall never forgive them!

O Ibin Shabeeb! If you want to weep over something, weep over Al-Hussein Bin Ali Bin Abi Talib (PBUT), for he has been slaughtered as the way the ram is slaughtered and with him eighteen men of his household who have no one like them on earth have been killed. The seen skies and seven lands have wept over his kill. Four thousand angels have descended to earth to advocate him yet they found him killed; therefore, they stayed at his grave being disheveled and dusty until Al-Qa'em rises and then they will be of his advocates and their banner will be:" Revenge for Al-Hussein!"

O Ibin Shabee! My father has narrated to me from his father and from his grandfather (PBUT) that:" When my grandfather Al-Hussein (PBUH) was killed, the sky rained red blood and soil. O Ibin Shabeeb! If you weep over Al-Hussein until you tears roll on your cheeks, Allah shall forgive for you every sin you have committed if it was either small or big, or if your sins were either a few or numerous. O Ibin Shabeeb! If you become pleased by meeting Allah Almighty without holding sins, you must visit Al-Hussein (PBUH). O Ibin Shabeeb! If you become pleased by dwelling in the rooms built in Heaven with the Prophet and his Household (PBUT), then damn the killers of Al-Hussein (PBUH). O Ibin Shabeeb! If you become pleased by obtaining the rewards that the ones who martyred with Al-Hussein (PBUH), then say whenever mentioning him:" I wish I were with them for I would have won a great victory!" O Ibin Shabeeb! If you become pleased by being with us in the highest ranks in the heavens, then weep over our sorrows and be glad for our gladness and you must follow our Wilaya (Divine Leadership); for if a man took a rock as a leader, Allah would have stuck him with it on the Day of Resurrection." (1)


* Imam Al-Sadeq (pbuh):"Crying and despondency is hated for the servant in all matters except crying and despondency for Al-Hussein Bin Ali (pbuh); thus the servant is rewarded." (2)



* Haroun Bin Khareja said that Abu Abdellah (Al-Sadiq) (pbuh) said:" We were at his house and then we mentioned Al-Hussein (pbuh) so Abu Abdellah (pbuh) wept and we wept as well and then he raised his head and said:" Al-Hussein (pbuh) said:" I am the slain one of tears, indeed whenever a believer mentions me, he weeps."" (3)


* Zaid Al-Shemham said:" We were at Abu Abdellah's (PBUH) (Al-Sadiq)
with a group of residents of Al-Koufa and then Jaafar Bin Afan entered; Abu Abdellah (PBUH) took him close to him and said:" O Jaafar!" He said:" I am at your beck and call, may Allah let me sacrifice myself for you!" He said:" I was informed that you recite poems about Al-Hussein (PBUH) and that you are good at it?" He said:" Yes, may Allah let me be sacrificed for you!" He said:" Recite." So he recited to him (PBUH) and to those around him until his tears (PBUH) rolled on his face and onto his beard and then he said:" O Jaafar! By Allah, the close angels of Allah have witnessed you right here, they are hearing your words about Al-Hussein (PBUH) and they have cried as we cried or even more. Allah, the Most High, at this moment has written the whole Heaven for you and has forgiven you. And then he said:" O Jaafar! Do you want me to tell you more?" He said:" Yes, O master." He said:" Indeed, whoever recites poetry about Al-Hussein (PBUH), cries and makes others cry by it shall be given Heaven and shall be forgiven by Allah." (4)


* Imam Ali Bin Al-Hussein (pbuh) said:" Whoever weeps one drop of tears or sheds one tear over us, Allah will bestow the reward of having rooms in Heaven where he will dwell for ages." (5)


* Imam Ali Bin Mousa Al-Rida (pbuh) said:" He who remembers our adversity and then weeps and makes others weep, his eye shall not weep on the day all eyes weep and he who sits in a gathering that commemorates our matter, his heart shall not die on the day all hearts die."(6)


* Imam Ali Bin Mousa Al-Rida (pbuh) said:" He who remembers our adversity and then weeps over what has been done to us, he shall be with us in our rank on the Day of Resurrection. He who remembers our adversity and then weeps and makes others weep, his eye shall not weep on the day all eyes weep and he who sits in a gathering that commemorates our matter, his heart shall not die on the day all hearts die." (7)


* Abu Abdellah Al-Sadiq (PBUH) said:" Whoever mentions us or hears someone mention us and then a tear as small as a fly's wing comes out of his eyes, Allah will forgive his sins even if they were as much as the foam of the sea."(8)


* The Prophet (PbuhP):"every eye weeps on the Day of Resurrection except an eye that wept over the adversity of Al-Hussein (pbuh); indeed it will be smiling and delighted by the blessings of Heaven." (9)


* Abu Abdellah Al-Sadiq (pbuh) said:" Everything has a reward except the tears shed over us. (It cannot be measured.)" (10)


* Imam Al-Sadiq, Jaafar Bin Mohammad, reported from his father and from his grandfather (pbut) that Al-Hussein Bin Ali Bin Abi Talib (pbut) once entered to Al-Hasan's house (pbuh) and when he looked at him, he cried so he (Al-Hasan) said to him:" What made you cry, O Abu Abdellah?" He said:" I am crying because of what shall happen to you." Therefore, Al-Hasan (pbuh) said:" What will happen to me is that I will be given poison, thus I will die but there is no day like yours, O Abu Abdellah! Thirty thousand men shall fight you; they claim that they are from the nation of our grandfather Mohammad (pbuhp) and they will disguise themselves by the religion of Islam. They will agree and gather to kill you, shed your blood, assault your sanctity, take your descendants and women captives and pillage your belongings. At that time, the damnation shall be descended upon Banu Omaya, the sky shall rain ache and blood and everything shall weep over you, even the beasts in the wastelands and the whales in the seas."" (11)


* Imam Al-Rida (PBUH) said:" For someone like Al-Hussein, indeed let the weepers weep, for this weeping eradicates great sins." (12)


* Imam Ali Al-Rida (pbuh) said:" He who leaves the act of seeking for his needs on the day of Ashouraa, Allah shall grant him the needs of this earthly world (Donia) and the Hereafter; and by us, he will live in bliss in Heaven."(13)


* It was reported that when Zainab Bint Ali Bin Abi Talib (pbuh) was born, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) was informed about that. Thus, the Master of Prophets (pbuhp) went to the house of Fatima Al-Zahraa (pbuh) and said to her:” O daughter! Bring me your newborn daughter.” So, when she brought her, he took her, embraced her to his chest and put his All-Beautiful cheek on her cheek and wept loudly and his tears poured on the beauty of his face. Thus, Fatima (pbuh):” Why are you weeping? May Allah never let your eyes weep, O father?!” So, he (pbuhp) said:” O daughter! O Fatima! Know that this daughter, after you and me, shall suffer from adversities and many tragedies and afflictions.” The narrator said:” At that moment, Fatima (pbuh) cried and said:” What rewards will those who cried over her and over her affliction have?” The Messenger of Allah (pbuhp) said:” O part of me and the apple of my eye! Whoever cries over her and over her adversity shall have as the reward of those who cried over her brothers and then he named her Zainab.” (14)


* Abu Abdellah Al-Sadiq (PBUH) said to Fadil:" Do you sit and talk about us?" He said:" Yes, may my soul be yours!" He said:" Indeed, I love those gatherings so commemorate our matter; Allah has mercy on those who commemorate our matter. O Fadil! Whoever mentions us or hears someone mention us and then a tear as small as a fly's wing comes out of his eyes, Allah will forgive his sins even if they were as much as the foam of the sea." (15)


* The Prophet (pbuhp) said:" Whoever weeps over the afflictions of this girl (Zeinab) shall be as if he wept over her brothers: Al-Hasan and Al-Hossein."


* Reported from Imam Sadiq (pbuh): “There is no eye that is liked more to Allah, and no tear that is liked more to Allah than an eye that shed tears over him. All the criers who cried over him gladdened Hadrat Fatima and was loyal to her and to the Messenger of Allah and fulfilled our rights. All the servants will be lined at resurrection day is tears except who shed tears of my grandfather Hussein (pbuh). They will stand with sound eyes, tidings brought to them, and happiness on their faces. All the creatures will be terrified and they will be safe. While the creatures are being displayed they will be talking to Hussein (pbuh) under the throne, in its shadow, they don’t fear of being punished. They will be told: “enter heaven” yet they will refuse and choose to sit and talk to him. The angelic maids would send to them: “we miss you along with your immortal children.” Yet they don’t even raise their heads towards the angelic maids for the gladness and dignity that they feel in such gathering. Their enemies will be dragged from their foreheads to hell and some would say: {we don’t have any intercessor, nor an intimate friend} their enemies would see their ranks and homes but can never approach it nor reach it.”

Then the angels would come to them carrying messages from their wives and maids for the dignity that they earned. They would send back: “we will come, if Allah wills.” And so they come back to their wives. Their wives would long more for them when they tell their wives about the dignity that they have and their closeness to Hussein(pbuh)and they say: “Thankings are for Allah for that He spared us from the grand terror and the horrors of the resurrection, and for saving us from what we used to fear. Then carriages on camels are brought to them and so they ride at thinking Allah, praising and exalting him and saying: “May Allah’s blessings and prayers be upon Mohammad and AL Mohammad.”


* When Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) told his daughter Hadrat Fatima(pbuh) about that her son Hussein (pbuh) will be killed and the afflictions that will come upon him. She cried and asked him: “O father, when will this happen?” he said: “in a time that is void of me and you and Ali.” So she cried more and louder and said: “who will cry over him and who will mourn him?” Prophet (pbuh) said: O Fatima, the women of my nation will cry over the women of my household, and their men will cry over the men of my household. They will renew lamenting and mourning every year, generation after generation. When the day of resurrection comes, you will intercede for the women and I for the men. We will take the hand of every one who cried him and lead him to heaven. O Fatima every eye will be in tears on the day of resurrection except the eyes that wept over Hussein. It would be glad and receiving glad tiding of the bliss of heaven.


* Imam Ameer Elmo’mineen (pbuh) looked at Hussein and said: “O Tear of every believer” Imam Hussein: “is it me O Fater?” Imam Ali: “yes, son.”


* Imam Ali (pbuh) said: “may my father and mother be sacrificed to Hussein who will be killed behind Al-Kufa. By Allah as if I see the beast stretching its necks towards his grave. There are beasts that cry over him and mourn him day and night. If this happened, never don’t cry.”


* Imam Abou Abdellah (pbuh) told me: “O Masmaa’ you are from Iraq, Do you visit the grave of Imam Hussein (pbuh)?” he said: “I’m a well known man in Basra, some of them follow the Calipha for their vain desires. Our enemies are a lot from the Nasibies of the tribes and I’m afraid that they would tell the sons of Sulayman about me and so they would torture me.

Imam (pbuh): “ do you recall what happened to Hussein (pbuh)?” I said: “yes.” Imam (Pbuh): “do you burst into tears?” I said: “I swear by Allah, Indeed and I cry till my family see the effects of crying on me, and I would stop eating till it shows in my face.”

Imam (pbuh): “May Allah be merciful to your tear, you are considered to be one of those who cry over us, who are happy for our happiness and sad for our grief; they are afraid for our fear and safe when we become safe. When you die you will see that my forefathers will come to you and they would tell the angel of death to be gentle to you and they will bring you the best of tidings. The angel of death will be more merciful and kind that the passionate mother to her child.” Then Imam (pbuh) cried and I cried with him. Then he said: “praise is to Allah that he preferred us from among his servants with mercy and specialized us AL Mohammad with mercy. O Masmaa’ the earth and sky are still crying out of mercy to us since Ameer Elmo’mineen was killed. The angels that cried for us are more and their tears didn’t dry since we were killed. All who cry out of mercy for us and for what happened to us shall be bestowed with mercy from Allah before the tears comes out of his eyes. When his tears run on his cheek, if one of it felt on hell, it would put off its all of its fire. All whose hearts aches for us, will be happy on the day he dies when he sees us. He will stay happy till he reaches the Hawd (pool). The Kawthar (river) will be happy with those who love us when they come. The Kawthar will offer them the best tasting food. O Masmaa’ he who drinks a handful of water from it shall never be thirsty anymore nor drink anymore. It is sweeter than honey, softer than butter, clearer than tears, having the nicest odor passing through the rivers of heavens, floating over rubies, its cups are more than the stars of the sky, you can smell its cups from a distance of a thousand years, they are made of gold and silver and the colors of jewels. He who drinks from it says: I wish I stay here and never leave. You will drink for it and every eye that cried for us shall be blessed by looking at The Kawthar and all who love us will drink from it. The drinker will feel pleasure and taste more than who love us less will fell. Ameer Elmo’mineen will be standing there by The Kawthar holding a spear and smashing our enemies with it. One of them would say: “I testified with the two testimonies.” Imam Ali would tell him: “ Go to your Imam and tell him to intercede for you”. He would say: “ My Imam that you mentioned abandoned me.” Imam would say: “go back and tell whom you followed and made him prior to the creatures and is him if he were the best of creatures to intercede for you, for that the best of creatures shall not be refused if he interceded. Man would say: “I’m dying out of thirst.” Imam would tell him: “May Allah make you more parched with thirst.” I said: “may I be sacrificed to you, how can he be near the Hawd and other couldn’t. Imam said: “he didn’t commit obscenities and he didn’t curse at us AL Mohammad if we were mentioned. He abandoned things that others committed. He didn’t do this out of loving us but out of his hard worship and for that he occupied himself with that and left people alone. Yet his heart is a hypocrite and his religion is enmity against us. He followed the Nasibies and was loyal to the past ones and made both of them prior to everyone.”


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