* Holy Lady Zainab (PBUH) said:" At the night before the tenth of Moharram (Ashouraa), I went out of my tent to look for my brother Al-Hussein (PBUH) and his advocates, for he had his own tent, so I found him sitting alone pleading his Lord and reciting the Quran. Thus, I said to myself: How could my brother be left alone in a night like this?!" By Allah! I shall go to my brothers and my cousins and reproach them for this! I went to Al-Abbass's tent (PBUH) and heard humming and thrumming so I stood at the back of the tent and looked inside; hence, I saw my cousins, brothers and nephews gathered in a circle and Al-Abbass Bin Ameer Al-Mo'mineen (PBUT) was between them kneeling as the lion kneels on its prey. He delivered to them a lecture that I haven't heard from anyone but Al-Hussein (PBUH); it contained thanking and praising Allah and sending prayers and peace upon the Prophet (PBUHP) and then he said at the end of his lecture:" O my brothers, nephews and cousins! When the morning comes, what shall you say?" They said:" The matter returns to you and we do not exceed you nor overstep your word." Therefore, Al-Abbass (PBUH) said:" These – meaning the companions – are strangers and this burden is heavy and cannot be carried but by its holders. Thus, when the morning comes, the first ones to step for fighting shall be you. We shall reach death before them so that people wouldn't say:" They let the companions be the first to die and when they were killed, they began to fight death by their swords an hour after an hour." Thus, Banu Hashem (PBUT) stood and raised their swords towards Al-Abbass's face (PBUH) and said:" We shall do what you will do."

Lady Zainab (PBUH) said:" When I saw the intensity of their gathering and their firm consistency, my heart calmed and I became glad yet I choked with my tears and wanted to return to my bother Al-Hussein (PBUH) and tell him about that but I heart humming and thrumming coming from the tent of Habib Bin Mothaher so I headed to it, stood at its back and looked inside. Thus, I saw the companions gathered as Banu Hashem in a circle and Habib Bin Mothaher was sitting between them saying:" O my companions! Why did you come to this place? Clarify your words please, may Allah have mercy on you!" They said:" We came to advocate Fatima's abandoned son (PBUT)." Thus, he said to them:" Why did you leave your wives?" They said:" We did so for this matter." Habib said:" When the morning comes, what shall you say?" They said:" The word is yours and we do not overstep your word." He said:" When the morning comes, the first ones to fight shall be you. We shall fight first for we shall not see a Hashemite drenched in his blood as long as one of our veins is beating, so that people wouldn't say:" They let their lords fight first and were too selfish to sacrifice themselves for them."" Therefore, they shook their swords towards his face and said:" We shall do what you will do."

Lady Zainab (PBUH) said:" I was gladdened by their consistency yet I choked with my tears and left them weeping and then my brother (PBUH) ran into me so I calmed down and smiled at his face, so he said to me:" O sister!" I said:" I am at your beck and call, O brother!" He said:" O sister! Since we left Al-Madina, I haven't seen you smiling. Tell me why you're smiling?" I said to him:" O brother! I saw Banu Hashem and the companions do so and so." He said to me:" O sister! Know that these are my companions since the Realm of Al-Thar (Particles) and my grandfather, the Messenger of Allah (PBUHP), had promised me with them…" (1)


* Dawoud Alraqi said:" I was at Abi Abdellah's house and when he asked for water and drank, I saw his eyes fill up with his tears and then he said to me:" O Dawoud, Allah's damnation is upon the killer of Al-Hussein (pbuh). Thus, each servant who drinks water, mentions Al-Hussein (pbuh) and damns his killer, will have Allah write for him one hundred thousand good deeds, erase for him one hundred thousand sins, raise him one hundred thousand ranks, write for him that as if he had freed one hundred thousand slaves and will be resurrected by Allah, the Most High, having a peaceful heart.""  (2)


* It was narrated that a paper fell from the sky onto his holy hand (Imam Al-Hussein's hand (PBUH)) so when he opened it and looked inside it, he saw that it is the covenant pledged for his martyrdom before all creations were created in this world. When he (PBUH) looked at the back of the paper, he saw this written in a clear and obvious writing: "O Hussein! We haven't destined death for you and We haven't obligated you with martyrdom so the choice is yours and your rank to us shall not decrease. Hence, if you will to have this adversity be taken away from you, then know that We have made all the skies, lands, angels and Jinn under your order. So order them to do what you want as in annihilating these disbelievers and licentious ones, Allah damn them." And then the angels filled everywhere between the skies and earth wielding spears of fire waiting for the rule of Al-Hussein (PBUH) and his order to them for obliterating these debauchers. So when he (PBUH) knew the content of that letter and what's in that paper, he raised it to the sky, threw it towards it and said:" O my God and master! I would love to be killed and revived seventy thousand times while being obedient to You and loving You, especially if my death helps in advocating Your religion, commemorating Your matter and safeguarding the code of Your religious law and I also cannot bear life after the death of the beloved ones and these men of the Household of Mohammad (PBUH)."   (3)


* Imam Al-Hussein (pbuh) said to his son Imam Zain Al-Abedeen (pbuh):" O my son! Inform my followers (Shia) that I sent greetings (Peace) to them and say to them:" My father has died alone so mourn him and he has died a martyr so weep over him."" (4)


* When they brought the head of Al-Hussein (pbuh) and stopped at a place called Qansareen, a (Christian) monk looked out from his monastery to the head, thus he saw a bright light emerging from his mouth and ascending to the sky. Hence, he took ten thousand Dirhams, took the head and brought it into his monastery and then he heard a voice and didn't see anyone so he said:" Touba (Tree in Heaven) is for you and Touba is for whoever knows your sanctity!" Then the monk raised his head and said:" O Lord! For the sake of Issa, order this head to talk to me!" Therefore, the head spoke and said:" O monk! What do you want?" He said:" Who are you?" He said:" I am the son of Mohammad Al-Mustapha; I am the son of Ali Al-Mortada; I am the son of Fatima Al-Zahra; I am the one killed in Karbala; I am the oppressed one and I am the thirsty one," and then he stopped talking so the monk put his face on his face and said:" I shall not raise my face off your face until you say:' I am your interceder on the Day of Resurrection.'" The head spoke and said:" Deviate to the religion of my grandfather Mohammad." The monk said:" I testify that there is no god but Allah and I testify that Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah." So he accepted to be his interceder and in the morning, they took the head from him and the Dirhams and when they reached the valley, they saw that the Dirhams turned into stones." (5)

 * Alsdouq said:'Zeinab [AS] had a special deputation on behalf of [Imam] Hossein [AS]. People used to refer to her in matters related to what is allowed and what is forbidden (Al-Halal/ Al-Haram) until [her nephew, Imam] Zein Al-‘Abedin [AS] recovered from his illness.”


* Ziarat the martyrs of Karbalaa narrated by Imam Al-Sadiq (PBUH): Peace be upon you, O saints of Allah and His beloved ones! Peace be upon you, O chosen ones by Allah and His dear ones! Peace be upon you, O advocates of the religion of Allah! Peace be upon you, O advocates of the Messenger of Allah! Peace be upon you, O advocates of the Prince of Believers (Ameer Al-Mo'mineen)! Peace be upon you, O advocates of Fatima, the Lady of women in all of the worlds! Peace be upon you, O advocates of Abu Mohammad Al-Hasan Bin Ali, the Guardian and Mentor! Peace be upon you, O advocates of Abu Abdellah! May my father and mother be sacrificed for you! You are blessed and so is the land that you have been buried in! You have indeed won a great victory, thus I wish I were with you for I would have won with you! (6)


* It was narrated that Abdellah Bin Abbass said:" When the Messenger of Allah's (pbuhp) illness that he died from became aggravated, he was embracing Al-Hussein (pbuh) to his chest and his sweat was dripping on him as he was suffering and saying:" What does Yazeed want from me! May Allah never bless him! O Allah, damn Yazeed! " After that, he passed out for a long time and then woke up and began to kiss Al-Hussein as his eyes shed tears and as he said:" There is a stand between me and your killer between the Hands of Allah Almighty."" (7)


* Imam Al-Rida (PBUH) said:" On the month of Moharram, the Jahilya Nation used to forbid fighting, yet, on this month, our blood was desecrated, our sanctity was violated, our descendants and women were taken captives, our great tents were burned with fire, and all our belongings within it were stolen. The sanctity of the Messenger of Allah (PBUHP) wasn't reverenced through our matter. The day of Al-Hussein has blistered our eyelids, shed our tears, disgraced our proud ones in the land of adversity and affliction (Karbalaa), and made us inherit adversity and affliction until the Day of the End. For someone like Al-Hussein, indeed let the weepers weep, for this weeping eradicates great sins," and then He (PBUH) said:" My father (PBUH) was never seen laughing when the month of Moharram used to arrive and depression used to overwhelm him until the first ten days pass and when the tenth day comes, this day used to be the day of his calamity, grief and weeping, and he used to say:" This is the day when Al-Hussein (PBUH) was killed.""" (8)


* Imam Ali Al-Rida (pbuh) said:" He who leaves the act of seeking for his needs on the day of Ashouraa, Allah shall grant him the needs of this earthly world (Donia) and the Hereafter; and by us, he will live in bliss in Heaven." (9)


* Abu Al-Aswad, Mohammad Bin Abdelrahman said:" I met Ra'es Al-Jalout Bin Yehuda so he said to me:" By Allah, I have seventy forefathers between me and my Dawoud, thus the Jews honor me; however, there is only one father between the son of the Prophet and him yet you have killed his son!" Yazeed used to set parties for drinking intoxicators, playing, playing music and singing and place Al-Hussein head in front of him. Once, the messenger of the king of Romans who was one of the most honorable men of his country attended the gathering of Yazeed so he said:" O king of Arabs, whose head is this?" He said:" Why is this head of your concern?" He said:" For, when I return to my king, he asks me about everything I had seen so I would like to tell him about this head's case so that he would celebrate this happiness and joy with you." He said:" This is the head of Al-Hussein Bin Ali." He said:" Who's his mother?" He said:" She is Fatima, the daughter of the Messenger of Allah." Thus, the Christian said:" Shame on you and on your religion!! I have a religion better than yours, My father is one of the descendants of Dawoud and there are many fathers between me and him, thus the Christians greatly honor me and take the soil from under my feet to be blessed by it because I am one of the grandsons yet you have killed the son of your prophet's daughter and there is only one mother between them!! May Allah disgrace your religion!" Thereafter, he said to Yazeed:" Haven't you heard of the Church of Al-Hafer (Horseshoe)?" He said:" Tell me." He said:" There is an island in the sea between Oman and China that is as long as one year of travelling; there are no dwellings in that island except for a town on water that is a length and width of eighty Farsakh. There is no city like it in the whole world. Its trees carry Camphor, Amber and Rubies. It is in the hands of the Christians. There are many churches in it but the greatest one is the Church of Al-Hafer that has a carving of gold in its niche and it has a shoe of a donkey hooked on it; they say that Issa (as) used to ride on it and the surrounding of the carving is adorned by jewels and garments. Every year, many Christians visit it, yet you have killed the son of your prophet's daughter!! May Allah neither bless you nor your religion! Therefore, Yazeed said:" Kill him before he exposes me in his country." Thus, when felt that he was going to be killed, he said:" Do you want to kill me?" He said:" Yes." He said:" Know that I had seen your prophet in my dream yesterday saying:" O Christian, you are one of the dwellers of Heaven." Thus, I was astonished of what he said and I now testify that there is no god but Allah and that Mohammad is His Messenger," and then he headed towards the head, embraced him to his chest, kissed him and cried."


* Abu Abdellah, Jaafar Bin Mohammad Al-Sadiq (pbuh), said:" When Abu Abdellah Al-Hussein Bin Ali (pbuh) left Mecca heading towards Al-Madina, groups and lines of free angels, holding spears and riding on trees from Heaven came, greeted him and said:" O Argument of Allah over His creations after your grandfather, father and brother, Allah Almighty has aided the Messenger of Allah (pbuhp) by us in many situations and Allah has aided you with us." Hence, he said to them:" The meeting shall be at my hole and spot where I shall martyr and it is Karbala so when I arrive there, come to me." Thus, they said:" O Argument of Allah, Allah has ordered us to listen to you and obey you; do you fear an enemy that will face you, for we can be with you?" He said:" They can do nothing to me and they won't hurt me until I reach my spot." Thereafter, groups of faithful Jinn came to him and said:" O master, we are your followers and advocates so order us to do what you wish. For, if you order us to kill every enemy of yours while you stand in your place, we would have accomplished that." He thanked them and said:" Haven't you read these words of Allah in His Book that has descended upon my grandfather, the Messenger of Allah (pbuhp):{Say: If you were in your houses, those who have been destined to fight, head to their deathbeds.} Therefore, if I stay here in my place, then by whom will this miserable humankind be tested and by what will they be tested and who will dwell in my hole that Allah has chosen for me since he created the earth? He made it a sanctuary for our Shia and lovers where their deeds and payers are accepted, and where their supplications are answered. Our Shia will dwell in it and it will be a haven for them in this world and the Last World. However, you shall be present on Saturday which is the day of Ashouraa; I will be killed at the end of it and no one of my family, relatives, brothers or household will be left and my head will be taken to Yazeed Bin Moawiya, Allah damn them both!" Thus, the Jinn said:" O beloved one of Allah and the son of His beloved one, if your order wasn't obligatory and if it's forbidden for us to disobey you, we would have disobeyed you and killed all your enemies before they reached you!" He said:" I swear to Allah, we are more capable of killing them than you; {Yet, it happened, so that he who would perish shall perish by clear proof, and he who would live shall live by clear proof.}" (10)


* The Messenger of Allah (pbuhp) said:" O Allah, to You, I complain of what my household shall suffer after me!" (11)


* It was narrated that Al-Abbass Bin Ali (PBUT) was the bearer of his brother, Al-Hussein's banner (PBUH). When he saw that all the fighters of Al-Hussein (PBUH) and all his brothers and cousins have been killed, he wept and mourned over meeting Allah, yearned and longed so he carried the banner and headed to his brother Al-Hussein (PBUH) and said:" O brother, Do I have permission?" Hence, Al-Hussein (PBUH) wept hard until his holy beard become drenched with tears and then said:" O brother! You are the mark of my fighters and our gatherer so if you leave, we will all be separated and destroyed! Thus, Al-Abbass (PBUH) said:" May your brother's soul be yours, O my master! My heart can no longer bear this earthly world. I want to take revenge from these hypocrites." Hence, Al-Hussein (PBUH) said:" If you want to strive (do Jihad), then bring some water for these children."


* It was reported that Al-Hussein (pbuh) didn't kill some of the people of Al-Koufa during his attacks even though he could kill them, and kills others, so He was asked about that, He (pbuh) said:"I see in the seed of the one that I don't kill faithful descendants." (12)


* Ibin Abbass said:" I saw Al-Hussein before he headed to Iraq standing at the door of Al-Kaaba while the palm of Jebra'eel is in his hand and Jebra'eel is yelling:" Come and pledge allegiance to Allah."


* It was narrated that the Messenger of Allah once was passing by a road with a group of his friends and then he headed to some boys who were playing on that road; the Prophet (PBUHP) sat beside one of those boys and began to kiss him between his eyes and treat him with kindness; he made him sit on his lap and kissed him a lot. He was asked why he did so, so he (PBUHP) said:" I have once seen this boy playing with Al-Hussein and I saw him take the soil from underneath his feet and wipe his face and eyes with it; hence, I love him because of his love for my son Al-Hussein and Jebra'eel has informed me that he will be one of his advocates in the battle of Karbalaa." (13)


* Ibin Tawous narrated that Sayyida Sukaina (pbuh) said:" On the fourth day of our displacement, I saw in my dreams – and she mentioned a long dream until she said – I saw a woman riding on a howdah and placing her hand on her head so I asked who she is; hence, I was told: 'she is Fatima Bint Mohammad (pbut), your father's mother.' Thus, I said:" By Allah! I shall head to her and inform her about what happened to us." Therefore, I headed towards her until I reached her and I stood crying between her hands saying:" O mother, by Allah! They have denied our right! O mother, by Allah! They have displaced our family! O mother, by Allah! They have profaned our venerated women (harem)! O mother, by Allah! They have killed our father Al-Hussein (pbuh)!" Hence, she told me:" Hold your voice, O Sukaina, for you have cut the vein of my heart! This is the garment of your father, Al-Hussein (pbuh); it shall never be separated from me until I meet Allah with it.""  (14)


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