The Prophets and Imam Hussein (pbut)

* Anas Bin Malek reported from the Prophet that he (PBUHP) said:" When Allah Almighty wanted to doom the nation of Nouh (PBUH), Allah sent a revelation to him that tells him to cut the boards of the Teak (tree) so when he cut them, he didn't know what to do. Hence, Jebra'eel (PBUH) descended and showed him the form of the ship and a casket that contains one hundred thousand nails and twenty nine thousand nails. Thus, he nailed all the nails into the ship until five were left. So he hit the first nail with his hand so it blazed in his hands and shined as a radiant planet shined in the horizon of the sky. Nouh was confused by that so Allah made that nail speak fluently and say:" By the name of the greatest prophet, Mohammad Bin Abdellah." And then Jebra'eel descended so he said to him:" O Jebra'eel! What is this nail that I haven't ever seen before?!" He said:" It is by the name of the greatest one among the first people and last, Mohammad Bin Abdellah, so nail it on the front of the ship and on the right side. He hit with his hand the second nail, thus it shined and blazed so Nouh said:" What is this nail?" He said:" It is the nail of his brother and cousin, Ali Bin Abi Talib, so nail it on the front of the ship and on the left side." He hit the third nail so it blossomed, shined and blazed so he said:" This is the nail of Fatima so nail it next to her father's nail." Then, he hit the fourth nail so it blossomed and blazed so he said:" This is Al-Hasan's nail so nail it next to his father's nail." He hit the fifth nail so it shined, blazed and wept so Nouh said:" O Jebra'eel! What is this moisture?" He said:" It is the nail of Al-Hussein Bin Ali, Sayyid Al-Shouhadaa, so nail it next to his brother's nail."  (Jebra'eel also said in otherThis is the blood and he mentioned the adversity of Al-Hussein and what will happen to him; Allah's damnation is upon his killers, oppressions and those who abandon him.) And then He (PBUHP) said:" {And we carried him on what was made of boards and nails.} The Prophet (PBUHP) said:" The boards are the wood of the ship and we are the nails and if it wasn't for us, the ship wouldn't have moved with its passengers."


* It was reported that when Noah (as) rided his ship, it toured him all around earth, when it passed by Karbala the earth trembled and he got afraid from sinking, so he prayed God and said:"O Allah, I toured all earth and I never had panic like what I got in this land, Jebra'eel descended and said:"O Noah in this place Al-Hussein (pbuh) will be killed, the grandson of Mohammad the last prophet, the son of the last Successor." he said:"O Jabra'eel, who is his killer?" he said:"His killer is the damned one by the people of the seven skies and seven earths." then Noah damned yazeed four times, thus the ship sailed until it reached Al-Joudi and docked on it."

* It was reported that Mousa once was walking with Youshaa Bin Noun, so when he reached the land of Karbala, his sole got ripped, its lace got cut and thorns pierced his feet and his blood flowed. Thus, he said:” O God! Did I do something wrong?” So, Allah sent a revelation upon him that says:” Here, Al-Hussein (PBUH) shall be killed and here his blood shall be spilled; hence, your blood flowed as his blood.” So he said:” O Lord! Who is Al-Hussein (pbuh)?” He was told:”He is the grandson of Mohammad Al-Mustapha and the son of Ali Al-Mortada.” He said:” Who is his killer?” He was told:” He is the damned one by the fish in the seas, the beasts in the wastelands, and the birds in the skies,” so Mousa (as) raised his hands, damned Yazeed and cursed him and Youshaa Bin Noun said:” Amen” and then he left.”  (1)


* It was narrated that when Adam (PBUH) descended to earth, he didn't see Hawaa so he trekked the earth searching for her and then he passed through Karbalaa. Hence, he became grieved and sorrow filled his heart without any reason and then he tripped in the place where Al-Hussein (PBUH) was killed. Blood shed from his legs so he raised his head towards the sky and said:" O God! Did I sin and thus you are punishing me for it?! For, I have trekked the whole earth and nothing has harmed me like how I've been harmed in this land." Hence, Allah sent a revelation upon him that says:" O Adam! You haven't sinned yet your son Al-Hussein (PBUH) will be killed in this land being oppressed; hence, your blood shed like his blood will." Thus, Adam said:" O Lord! Will Al-Hussein (PBUH) be a prophet?" He said:" No, yet he is the grandson of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUHP)." So he said:" Who is his killer?" He said:" His killer is Yazeed Bin Moaweya, the one damned by the dwellers of the skies and earth." So Adam said:" What should I do, O Jera'eel?" He said:" Damn him, O Adam." Therefore, Adam damned him four times, walked a few steps towards Mount Arafat and found Hawaa there.


* Al-Hussein Bin Abi Hamza said:" I went to visit the grave of Al-Hussein (pbuh) at the end of Banu Omaya's Reign so I arrived at Al-Ghaderya. When people went to sleep, I performed my Ghosol (ablution), and went towards the grave until I reached the door, and then a handsome and well-scented man wearing very white clothes came out to me and said:" Leave, for you will not reach him." Therefore, I left to the bank of Al-Forat and I was delighted by it until midnight and then I performed Ghosol and headed to the grave and when I reached the door, the same man went out to me and said:" O you, leave for you will not reach him." I left and at the end of the night, I performed Ghosol and then headed to the grave and when I reached the door, that man went out to me and said:" O you, leave for you will not reach him." So I said:" Why will I not reach the son of the Messenger of Allah (pbuhp) and the Master of the youth of the dwellers of Heaven; I have walked from Al-Koufa and it is the night before Friday and I am afraid that if I stay until the morning, the militants of Banu Omaya will kill me!?" He said:" Leave, for you will not reach him." I said:" Why will I not reach him?" He said:" Mousa Bin Imran has asked Allah permission to visit the grave of Al-Hussein (pbuh) so He gave him permission, thus he came to him and he is here along with seventy thousand angels so leave and when they ascend to the sky come back." Therefore, I went to the bank of Al-Forat and stayed there until dawn and then I performed Ghosol and went back, entered and didn't find anyone there so I prayed the Salat of Dawn and returned to Al-Koufa.”


* It was reported that Issa (as) was traveling through the prairies with the apostles (companions), and then they passed through Karbalaa and saw a predatory lion that blocked the path. Hence, Issa approached the lion and said to him:" Why did you sit on this path?" He also said:" Will you not allow us to pass through it?" Thus, the lion said in a fluent tongue:" I shall not leave the path for you, until you damn Yazeed, the killer of Al-Hussein (pbuh)." So Issa said:" Who is Al-Hussein (pbuh)?" He said:" He is the grandson of the Ommi Prophet and the son of Ali, the Wali (custodian)." He said:" Who is his killer?" He said:" His killer is the damned one by all beasts, wolves, and lions, especially on the day of Ashouraa." Hence, Issa raised his hands, damned Yazeed and cursed him, and the apostles said:" Amen." Therefore, the lion moved away from their way and they carried on." (2)


* It was reported that Suleiman was sitting on his carpet and flying in the air, once he passed by Karbalaa, the wind turned his carpet three turns until he got afraid from falling so the wind calmed down, and the carpet landed in Karbalaa, Suleiman said:"why did you calm down?" The wind replied:"Here, Al-Hussein (pbuh) shall be killed."So he said:" Who is Al-Hussein (pbuh)?." The wind said:" He is the grandson of Mohammad Al-Mokhtar and the son of Ali Al-Karrar." He said:” Who is his killer?" It said:":” He is Yazeed, the damned one in skies and on earth." So Suleiman raised his hands, damned Yazeed and cursed him, and then the humans and Jinn said:"Amen." Thus, the wind blew his carpet and it flew."


* It was reported from Saed Bin Abdallah Al-Qommi said in a long Hadith with Al-Qa'em (pbuh):" Tell me, O son of the Messenger of Allah (pbut), about the meaning of {Kaf.Haa.Yaa.Ayn.Sad.}{كهيعص}." He said:" These letters are from the revelations of the Unseen; Allah has shown them to His servant Zakarya and then He narrated it to Mohammad (pbuh). It is that Zakarya pleaded Allah to teach him the five names so Jebra'eel descended onto him and taught them to him. Thus, when Zakarya used to mention Mohammad, Ali, Fatima, Al-Hasan and Al-Hussein, his troubles vanished and his afflictions disappeared. However, when he mentioned Al-Hussein, he choked by his tears and he became very grieved. So he said one day:" O God! Why is it that whenever I mention four of their names, I become relieved from my troubles and whenever I mention Al-Hussein, my eyes shed tears and my mourning aggravates?!" Hence, Allah foretold him about his story and said:"{Kaf.Haa.Yaa.Ayn.Sad.}{كهيعص}; Kaf: is the name of Karbalaa, Haa: is the doom of the household, Yaa: is Yazeed, and he is the oppressor of Al-Hussein (pbuh), Ayn: is his thirst and Sad: is his endurance." Therefore, when Zakarya heard that, he didn't leave his mosque for three days and forbade people to enter it; he began to weep and mourn and his Nadba was:" O God! Shall you make Your greatest creation mourn over his son's death! O God! Shall this adversity happen to him! O God! Shall You make Ali and Fatima wear the garment of this tragedy! O God! Shall the sorrow of this affliction land at their yard!" And then he said:" O Allah! Bestow upon me a son who shall be the apple of my eye when I grow up, let him be a successor and custodian and allow his rank to me be as the rank of Al-Hussein. Therefore, if you bestow him upon me, allow me to greatly fall in love with him and then let me mourn over his death as you beloved Mohammad mourned over his son's death. Thus, Allah bestowed Yahya upon him and made him mourn over his death. Yahya dwelled six months in his mother's womb as Al-Hussein (pbuh) will." (3)


* It was narrated that the meaning of the verse:{And Adam received words from his Lord.} is that he saw the leg of the Throne and the names of the Prophet and the Imams (PBUT) and then Jebra'eel (AS) taught him this:" O Hameed (The Most Thanked), for the sake of Mohammad! O A'li (The Most High), for the sake of Ali! O Fater (Originator), for the sake of Fatima! O Mohsen (Charitable One), for the sake of Al-Hasan and Al-Hussein and from You charity emerges!" Thus, when he mentioned the name of Al-Hussein (PBUH), he shed his tears and his heart got grieved and he said:" O my brother Jebra'eel! Why does my heart break and why do my tears fall when mentioning the fifth one?!" Jebra'eel said:" This son of yours will suffer from a calamity that makes all calamities have little value." He said:" O brother! What is it?" He said:" He will be killed thirsty, forsaken, and alone, having no advocate or aide. You must see him, O Adam, saying:' How great is my thirst! How few are my advocates!' until thirst separates him from the sky like smoke and no one will answer him except with swords and the drink of death; thus he will be slaughtered as cattle from the back of his neck, his belongings will be robbed and his head and the heads of his advocates will be raised on spears through the lands along with the women and this has been previously known in the Knowledge of The Only Granter of Bestowments." Then Adam and Jebra'eel wept like bereaved women."


* The first one to damn the killer of Al-Hussein Bin Ali (pbut) is Ibrahim, the beloved of the Most Merciful; he damned him and ordered his son to do so. A covenant and pledge were taken from them. Thereafter, Mousa Bin Imran damned him and ordered his nation to do so and then Dawoud damned him and ordered Banu Isra'eel to do so. After that Issa damned him and said:" O Banu Israel, damn his killer and if you live until those days, then do not leave him for he who martyrs with him will be as if he martyred with the prophets without hesitation. It is like I am looking at his grave at this moment; there is no prophet that hasn't visited Karbala and stood there," and then he said:" You are indeed a spot full of blessings; within you, the brightest moon shall be buried." (4)

Imam Al-Sadeq (pbuh) said:”Ismail who Allah said about him:{ And mention Ismail in the Book; surely he was truthful in (his) promise, and he was a messenger, a prophet.} he was not the son of Ibrahim (as), but a prophet of the prophets of Allah, He send him to his people, so they took him and picked off the skin of his head and face, so an angel came to him from Allah and said:”Allah send me to you so command me whatever you want.” Ismail said:”This is an exemplar of what will happen to Al-Hussein (pbuh).”


* Al-fadel Ibin Shathan said:" I heard Imam Al-Rida (pbuh) say:" When Allah, the Most High, ordered Ibrahim (pbuh) to slaughter the sheep that He has sent down instead of his son Ismail, Ibrahim (pbuh) wished that he had slaughtered his son Ismail (pbuh) with his hands and not been ordered to slaughter the sheep instead so that he can feel in his heart what the heart of a father who slaughtered his dearest son feels; hence, he would deserve by that the highest ranks among the rewarded people of adversity. Thus, Allah sent a revelation to him, saying:" O Ibrahim! Who is the most beloved to you among my creations?" He said:" O Lord! You haven't created anyone more beloved to me than Your beloved Mohammad (pbuh)." Hence, Allah sent a revelation to him, saying:" O Ibrahim! Is he more beloved to you or your self?" He said:" He is indeed more beloved to me than my self." He said:" So is his son more beloved to you or your son?" He said:" His son indeed." He said:" So is the slaughter of his son by his enemies or the slaughter of your son by your hands in obedience to me more painful to your heart?" He said:" O Lord! Indeed, slaughtering him by the hands of his enemies is more painful to my heart." He said:" O Ibrahim! A cult that claims to be of the nation of Mohammad (pbuh) will oppressively and cruelly slaughter Al-Hussein (pbuh), his son, like the way the sheep is slaughtered; hence, My wrath shall be upon them." Thus, Ibrahim become despondent due to his grief over that, his heart ached and he began to weep. Therefore, Allah sent a revelation to him, saying:" O Ibrahim! I have sacrificed your despondency due to your grief over Al-hussein (pbuh) and his murder instead of your despondency due to your grief over your son if you had slaughtered him and I have rewarded you with the highest ranks among the rewarded people of adversity and that is the meaning of the words of Allah:{ And We have sacrificed a great slaughter instead of him.} And there are neither power nor authority but by Allah!" (5)


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