The rewards for visiting Imam Hussein (pbuh) on Arafat day

* Bashir narrates that Imam Al-Sadiq (pbuh) said:" …He who visits him (Al-Hussein) on the day of Arafa, knowing his right, a thousand pilgrimage, a thousand accepted Omra and a thousand battle with a messenger prophet and a just Imam will be written for him." I (Bashir) said to him (pbuh):" How could I have the same rewards as standing at Arafa?" He looked at me slightly raged and said:" O Bashir! If a believer goes to the grave of Al-Hussein (pbuh)  at the day of Arafa, performs ablution (Ghosol) in Al-Forat and then heads to him, Allah shall write for every step he takes a whole pilgrimage." He may have even said:" and a battle."


* Imam Al-Sadiq (pbuh) said:" He who visited the grave of Al-Hussein (pbuh) on the day of Arafa, Allah writes for him a million pilgrimage with Al-Qa'im (Imam Mahdi) (pbuh), a million Omra with the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), the rewards of setting free a million person and riding a million mare in the path of Allah and Allah will name him:' My saint servant has believed in My promise,' and the angels will say:" This person is a saint; Allah has purified him above His Throne and he has been named a Karoubi (close angel) on earth.""


* Imam Al-Sadiq (pbuh) said:" He who visited Al-Hussein (pbuh) on the day of Arafa will be as if he visited Allah above His Throne."


* Imam Al-Sadiq (pbuh) said:" On the Day of Arafa, Allah looks at the visitors of Al-Hussein's grave (pbuh) and says:' Return. Your previous sins have been forgiven.' No sin will be written for any one of them, during seventy days after the day of their departure."


* Ali Bin Asbat said: "Imam Al-Sadiq (pbuh) said: " Indeed Allah Almighty begins by looking at the visitors of Imam Hussien's grave (pbuh) on the eve of Arafa." I asked: "Before looking at those standing in Arafa?" He (pbuh) said: "Yes." I said: "And how is that?" He (pbuh) said: "It is because there are bastards among those and there aren't bastards among these.""


* Bashir Al-Dahan said: "I heard Abu Abdellah (Al-Sadiq) (pbuh) say, when he was in Al-Hira with the company of a group of Shiites, as he faced  me: "O Bashir, I swear to Allah that you haven't missed any of what those in Mecca have!" I said: "May I be sacrificed for you! There is Arafat. Tell me about it." So, he (pbuh) said: "O Bashir, if any of you bathes himself (by Ghosol) in Al-Forat River and then visits Al-Hussien's grave (pbuh) knowing his right, Allah shall give him for every time he lifts and puts down his foot a hundred accepted pilgrimages, a hundred accepted Omras and a hundred incursions with a prophet sent to face the enemies of Allah and His prophet. O Bashir, listen and inform whoever bears this, he who visits Al-Hussien (pbuh) on the day of Arafa will be as if he visited Allah above His Throne.""


* Imam Al-Sadiq (pbuh) said: "He who is obstructed and doesn't have the chance to prepare for the pilgrimage of Islam (the first obligatory pilgrimage) must head to Al-Hussien's grave (pbuh) and spend the eve and day of Arafa there, for that will suffice for the pilgrimage of Islam. I am not saying that it suffices for the pilgrimage of Islam, except for the one who is obstructed. As for he who is capable of performing pilgrimage, if he had performed the pilgrimage of Islam and wanted to perform another pilgrimage and Omra, yet an obstacle prevented him from it, so he headed to Al-Hussien's grave (pbuh) on the day of Arafa, Allah shall reward him by making it suffice for the pilgrimage and Omra and shall indeed multiply that for him to a great extent." I said: "How many pilgrimages and how many Omras is it equal to?" He (pbuh) said: "It is uncountable!" I said: "A hundred?" He (pbuh) said: "It cannot be counted!" I said: "A thousand?" He (pbuh) said: "And even more!" and then he (pbuh) said: "{And if you attempt to count the graces of Allah, you indeed couldn't count them.} Verily, Allah is Open-handed and Generous."