The rewards for visiting Imam Hussein (pbuh) on Arafat night

* Imam Al-Baqer (pbuh) said:"He who slept in Karbalaa at the night of Arafa, stayed there till Al-Adha Eid, and then left; Allah would clear away evilness from him in this year." (1)


* In a considerable Hadith, Refaa said: Imam Al-Sadiq (pbuh) said to me:" O Refaa! Did you perform pilgrimage this year?" Isaid:" May I be sacrificed for you! I had nothing that could take me to perform pilgrimage; however, I went on the Day of Arafa to the grave of Al-Hussein (pbuh)." So, he said to me:" O Refaa! You have done great! If I didn't hate to let people abandon pilgrimage, I would have told you a Hadith that would make you never abandon visiting the grave of Al-Hussein (pbuh)," and he stayed silent for a long time and then said:" My father informed me that whoever heads towards the grave of Al-Hussein, knowing his right and not being haughty, a thousand angels will accompany him on his right and a thousand angels on his left and a thousand pilgrimage, and a thousand Omra with a prophet or a custodian will be written for him."


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