The rewards for visiting Imam Hussein (pbuh) on the 15th of Shaaban month

* Imam Jaafar Bin Mohammad Al-Sadiq (pbuh) said: Whoever visits Al-Hussein (pbuh) at the night before fifteenth of Shaaban, will have Allah forgive all his sins that he did and was willing to do. Whoever visits him on the day of Arafa, will have the rewards of a thousand accepted pilgrimages and a thousand blessed Omra. Whoever visits him on the day of Ashouraa, will be as if he visited Allah above His throne."


* Ali Bin Al-Hussein (pbuh) said:" He who loves to shake hands with one hundred and twenty four prophets must visit the grave of Abu Abdellah Al-Hussein Bin Ali (pbut) in the 15th of Shaaban because the souls of the prophets (peace be upon them) ask permission from Allah to visit him; hence, they are given permission and the five Olo Azem (Devoted) messengers are among them." They asked:" Who are they?" He said:" They are Nouh, Ibrahim, Mousa, Issa and Mohammad (pbut).""