The virtues of Imam Hussein (pbuh)

* Sayyid Al-Shouhadaa (PBUH) said in his lecture:" The contentment of Allah is our contentment, us Ahlulbayt, we endure his affliction and He shall fulfill for us the rewards of the enduring ones." (1)


* Abu Abdellah Al-Sadiq (PBUH) said in a long Hadith:" Al-Hussein was not breastfed by Fatima (PBUH) neither from a female; he used to be brought to the Prophet who used to put his thumb in his mouth, thus he sucked on it and it would be enough for two and three days. Hence, the flesh of Al-Hussein (PBUH) nurtured from the flesh of the Messenger of Allah (PBUHP) and from his blood. No one was born after six months except Issa Bin Mariam (PBUT) and Al-Hussein Bin Ali (PBUH)."

Another narration reported from Abu Al-Hasan Al-Rida (PBUH) states that the Prophet (PBUHP) used to be given Al-Hussein; hence, he used to give him his thumb so he sucked on it and nurtured from it and wasn't breastfed by a female. (2)


* Imam Al-Sadiq (PBUH) said:" We are all ships of salvation but the ship of my grandfather Al-Hussein is wider and is faster in the darkness of the seas."


* Om Salma said:" The Messenger of Allah (PBUHP) once entered and then Al-Hasan and Al-Hussein (PBUHT) entered behind him and sat beside him. He took Al-Hasan and put him on his right knee and took Al-Hussein and put him on his left knee and then began to kiss them both. At a sudden, Jebra'eel (PBUH) descended and said:" O Messenger of Allah! Indeed, you love Al-Hasan and Al-Hussien?" So he said:" How could I not love them; they are my beloved ones in this world and the apple of my eye!" Thus, Jebra'eel said:" O Prophet of Allah! Allah has destined a matter for them so endure it." He said:" What is it, O brother?" He said:" He has declared that this one, Al-Hasan, must die poisoned and this one, Al-Hussein, must die slaughtered. Yet every prophet has a supplication that must be answered so if you want, this supplication of yours can be for your sons Al-Hasan and Al-Hussein. Thus, plead Allah to save them from this poison and kill; however, if you want, their tragedies can be your ammunition for interceding for the sinners of your nation on the Day of Resurrection." Hence, the Prophet (PBUH) said:" O Jebra'eel! I am content with the will of Allah and I only want what He wants and I would love to have my supplication be ammunition for interceding for the sinners of my nation and I am content with what Allah wills to do with my sons."(3)


* Imam Al-Hussein Bin Ali Bin Abi Talib (PBUT) said:" I entered the room of the Messenger of Allah while he was with Obay Bin Kaeb, then the Messenger of Allah (PBUHP) told me:" Welcome, O Abu Abdellah, O beauty of the skies and lands." So, Obay said:" How could anyone but you be the beauty of the skies and lands?" He said:" O Obay, I swear by the One who made me a prophet that Al-Hussein Bin Ali is greater in the skies than he is on earth and this is written about him on the right side of the Throne of Allah Almighty: A lantern of guidance, ship of salvation and an Imam of goodness, blessings, glory, pride, knowledge and haven.""" (4)


* The Messanger of Allah (pbuh) said:"Hussein is from me and I am from Hussein. Allah loves who loves Hussein." (5)


* A man once went to Al-Hossein Bin Ali (pbuh) and said:" Talk to me about your virtues that Allah gave you." He said:" You will not endure acknowledging it." He said:" Yes, do, O son of the Messenger of Allah. I can endure it." Thus, he spoke of a Hadeeth and before Al-Hossein (pbuh) finished saying the Hadeeth, the man's hair and beard turned white and he forgot the Hadeeth. Hence, Al-Hossein (pbuh) said:" Allah had mercy on him, for he made him forget the Hadeeth." 


* Salman (Allah's consent be upon him) once was sitting with Ameer Almo'mineen (pbuh) who had Al-Hussein (pbuh), who was two years old at that time, on his lap. Salman wanted to ask Ameer Almo'mineen (pbuh) something, so he said:" O Salman, ask him," and he pointed at Al-Hussein (pbuh). Thus, Salman approached him and said:" O Master, how old is your father?" When Al-Hussein (pbuh) heard that from him, he said:" O Salman, you imagined that I am young?!" So Ameer Almo'mineen (pbuh) laughed at what he said and said:" Answer him, my son." Therefore Al-Hussein (pbuh) said:" O Salman, Allah Almighty created fifty thousand Adam and between each Adam, there was an interval of fifty thousand years; I was with the first Adam and there was at that time a very old man who was advocated and supported by me; I offered the people my Wilaya (Divine Guardianship) and some believed in it. Thus, whoever believed in it has won and whoever rejected it has disbelieved. Then, I fought by their side one thousand battles; the smallest battle was greater than the Battle of Khaybar. Then, I was with the second Adam fifty thousand years. I preached the religion of the One and Only God fifty thousand years; some believed it. Thus, whoever believed it has succeeded and whoever denied it has lost. Then, I fought and gave great efforts by their side. They were fifty thousand parties and each party comprised fifty thousand souls." Then, when he wanted to say:" I was with them…" Ameer Almo'mineen (pbuh) put his hand on his mouth and said:" Be silent, just like the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) did.""" 


* When Al-Hussein Bin Ali (pbuh) used to sit in a dark place, he used to guide people by the brightness of his forehead and neck. For, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) used to kiss Al-Hussein a lot on his neck and forehead.


* The Prophet (pbuh) said:" There is concealed knowledge about Al-Hussein in the inner realities of believers."


* Imam Hussein (pbuh) said:"I am the martyr of tears; indeed whenever a believer mentions me, he weeps." (6)


* One of the companions of the Prophet (PBUHP) said:" I saw the Prophet (PBUHP) suck the saliva of Al-Hussein like how a man sucks sweats saying:" Hussein is from me and I am from Hussein, Allah loves whoever loves Hussein and Allah detests whoever detests Hussein; Hussein is one of the grandsons. Allah damns his killer," and then Jebra'eel descended and said:" O Mohammad! Allah has killed by Yahya Bin Zakaria sevnty thousand hypocrites and He will kill by the son of your daughter, Al-Hussein, seventy thousand and seventy thousand assaulters. The killer of Al-Hussein will be in a coffin of fire tortured by half of the torment of the occupants of this world; his hands and feet will be tied with chains of fire and he will be hung upside down in the bottom of Hell; he will have a smell that will make the occupants of Hell seek refuge from it due to its horrible intense odor; he will eternally suffer this agonizing torment, this torment will never be waned and he will drink from the fiery stream of Hell."" (7)


* Imam Al-Sadeq (pbuh) said: read Al-Fajer Sourat in your prayers for that it is the Surat of Hussein Bin Ali and wish for it, Allah would have mercy on you. Abou Ousama asked: how did it become the special Surat of Hussein? Imam (pbuh) said: didn’t you hear Allah’s saying: {O Soul that is in complete rest and satisfaction, come back to your Lord, well pleased and well-pleasing unto him;

 enter among my devotees and enter my heaven} Allah means Hussein Bin Ali (pbuh). He is the one with resting, pleased and pleasing soul. His companions of AL Mohammad are pleased by Allah at the Day of Judgment and Allah is pleased by them.

 This Surat is about Hussein Bin Ali and his followers, and the followers of AL Mohammad. He who is addicted to reading Al-Fajr will be with Hussein at his rank in heaven. Allah is the Glorious and Wise.


*  Abu Abdellah Al-Sadiq (pbuh) said:” The one who undertakes the judgment of humankind before the Day of Resurrection is Al-Hussein Bin Ali (pbuh) so on the Day of Resurrection, he would have sent people to Heaven and other people to Hell.”


* Al-Hussein Bin Ali (pbuh) said:” I entered the house of my grandfather, the Messenger of Allah (pbuhp), so when he saw me, he embraced me, kissed me between my eyes, took a deep breath and shed his tears and then said:” I sacrifice myself for you, O slain one by the licentious ones and the descendants of the licentious ones! To Allah, I complain my great tragedy, O Hussein!” Al-Hussein said:” I was three years old at that time. When I heard my grandfather, the Messenger of Allah (pbuhp), say that, I began to cry because I heard him cry so he said to me:” Don’t cry, May I sacrifice myself for you, O Hussein! Allah has made me laugh by you, O Hussein! Don’t feel sad because of what you heard about your death, for Allah has created you from a Light (Noor) that was never put out and will never be put out and a face that didn't perish and will never perish. He also created nine Lights of righteous Imams from your seed and has made the power of changing fate, taking lives, ruling the First and Last Times, the order of every order, and every authority within you and within them.” Al-Hussein (pbuh) said:” Hence, Allah Almighty relieved my sadness and filled my heart with joy and I never became grieved after I heard these words from my grandfather, the Messenger of Allah (pbuhp).””   


* The Messenger of Allah (pbuhp) said:” As for Al-Hussein; he is from me, he is my son and child; he is the greatest creation after his brother’s death; he is the Imam of Muslims; the master of believers, the successor of the Lord of the Realms; the salvation for those who cry for rescue; he is the shelter of those who plead for haven; he is the argument of Allah over all his creations; he is the lord of the youth of the dwellers of Heaven and he is the door of salvation of the nation. His order is my order and being obedient to him is the act of being obedient to me. He who follows him is from me and he who disobeys him is not from me. When I saw him, I remembered what shall happen to him after me. He will ask for refuge by my shrine and grave yet he will not be answered. I will embrace him in his dream to my chest and order him to leave for his journey. I will give him good tidings of his martyrdom so he will leave to the land where he will be slain and killed, the land of adversity and affliction (Karbalaa), kill and obliteration. A group of Muslims will advocate him; those are the masters of the martyrs of my nation on the Day of Resurrection. It is like I am seeing him right now, being stricken by an arrow of pride, throwing him of his mare on the ground! Thereafter, he will be slaughtered as ram (sheep) is slaughtered being oppressed! After that, the Messenger of Allah (pbuhp) cried and everyone around him cried as well and they raised their voices and moaned and then he (pbuhp) stood up saying:” O Allah, I complain to you what will happen to my household after me! Then, he entered his house.  


* Reported from Abou Baseer that he said that he was at Abou Abdellah’s (pbuh) home talking to him. Then his son came in and then Imam welcomed him hugged him and kissed him. Then he (pbuh) said: “may Allah put who slanders you under servility; take revenge from who harms you, fail who fails you, and curse who kills you. Allah is your guardian, saver and ally. The women, prophets, saints and angels of the sky cried for long.” Then he cried and said: O Abou Baseer, when I look at the descendents of Hussein, I can’t withstand the feelings that come upon me for what happened to their father and to them. O Abou Baseer, Fatima cries him and it would sigh and enrage Hell. If the holders of Hell hadn’t heard her cries and didn’t prepare for that fearing that flames of smoke would slip from it and burn people of the earth. So they hold it back as long as she cries, and prohibit it and lock its doors for their fear for the people of earth. Hell doesn’t calm down unless Fatima stops. The seas almost explode and thus they inter-cross each other’s water. Every drop of water has an angel that is responsible for it. When the angel hears the voice of Fatima, he would put off the fire with his wings and suppress it fearing for Donia, what is in it and who are on it. The angels are still in their mercy, crying for her cries pleading and begging Allah. Dwellers of the throne would also plead Allah and who are around them. The voice of the angels would rise in praising and exalting for their fear for the dwellers of earth. If a voice of one of them reaches earth, it would astound it, the mountains would cleave and earth would quake.

Abou Baseer said: “may I be sacrificed to you, this is a great thing.” He said: “there is greater than that, that you didn’t here before. O Abou Baseer, do you like to be from those who gladden Fatima (pbuh)?” Abou Baseer cried when Imam said that and couldn’t speak because of his tears. Then Imam went and invoked and pleaded Allah. Then Abou Baseer left him and didn’t eat nor sleep. Morning came and still he didn’t eat and became tired. Then when Abou Baseer saw that the Imam calmed down, he calmed down and thanked and praised Allah for not being punished.


* It was reported that an Arabian came to the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) and said: “O Messenger of Allah I hunted a baby deer and brought it as a gift for your grandchildren Hassan and Hussein.” the Prophet accepted it and appealed for goodness for the sake of this man. Imam Hassan (pbuh) was standing next to his grandfather, he asked for it. He gave it to him. After an hour Imam Hussein (pbuh) came and saw the baby deer with his brother playing with it. So he asked him: “O Brother, where did you get this from?” Imam Hassan (pbuh): “My grandfather the Messenger of Allah gave it to me.” Then Hussein (pbuh) hurried to his grandfather and said: “O Grandfather, you gave my brother a baby deer to play with and you didn’t give me one.” He repeated that many times to his grandfather. But Prophet Mohammad didn’t reply yet he comforted him and talked to him nicely till he left. Then Imam Hussein was about to cry, and while he was like that Noises rised next to the door of the mosque. We looked and saw a deer with her baby and a wolf behind. The deer were leading its baby towards the Messenger of Allah and hitting it with one of its limbs till she reached the messenger of Allah (pbuh). Then the deer spoke with an eloquent tongue and said: O Messenger of Allah, I had two babies. One of them was hunted by one and he brought it to you. I had only one left. I was so gladdened with it. While I was breastfeeding it I heard a voice saying: “Hurry deer, Hurry with your baby to the Messenger of Allah for that Hussein is next to him and he is about to cry. All the angels raised their heads from prayer. If Hussein cried, all the angels will cry.” I also heard the voice saying: “Hurry dear before the flow of Hussein’s tears on his cheeks. If you didn’t I will impel this wolf to eat you with your baby.” So I came with my baby to you O Messenger of Allah. The distance I had to cross is too far so land was folded for me and so I came so fast thanking Allah that I reached you before Hussein would cry. Praises and exaltations rised. Then the Messenger of Allah ask Allah for goodness and blessings for the sake of this deer. Then Imam Hussein (pbuh) took the baby deer and went to his mother (Sayyida Zahraa’) with it and she was very happy with that.


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Inspected & Translated by Sayyid Shouhadaa's (A.S) Center for Islamic Research