The virtues of the land of Karbalaa

* Abu Abdellah Al-Sadiq (pbuh) said:" Ameer Al-Mo'mineen (pbuh) passed through Karbala along with a group of his companions; when he passed by it, his eyes began to shed tears and then he said:" This is where their camels shall rest; this is where their tents shall be set and this is where their bloodshed shall be. Blessed is this soil on which the blood of the beloved ones shall be shed."" (1)


* Ali Bin Al-Hussein (pbuh) said:" Allah has made Karbalaa a secure and blessed place of sanctity before He created the land of the Kaaba and made it a place of sanctity in twenty four years. When Allah, the Most High and All-Blessing, will cause the earth to quake, He will raise it (Karbalaa) along with its soil, being bright and pure. It will be placed in the finest gardens of Heaven and in the best dwelling of Heaven, where only the prophets and Messengers dwell. It shines amongst the gardens of Heaven as a bright star shines amongst the stars on the people of earth. Its light blinds the sights of all the people of Heaven, saying:" I am the Divine, fine and blessed land of Allah that contains the Master of Witnesses (Sayyid Al-Shouhadaa) and the Master of the youth of Heaven."    


* Abu Abdellah Al-Sadeq (pbuh) said:" Allah, the Most Blessed and High, favored some lands and waters over others. Thus, some of it got proud and others disobeyed. Therefore, every water and land was punished for abandoning modesty to Allah, until Allah allowed the polytheists to have absolute control over the Kaaba and He sent salt water to the water of Zamzam, until its taste got corrupted. The land of Karbalaa and the water of the Fourat were the first land and water that were glorified and blessed by Allah, the Most Blessed and High; He said to it: "Speak of what Allah, the Most High,  favored you with, for the lands and waters have shown pride over each other." It said:" I am the Divine Blessed Land of Allah. Cure is within my soil and water. I have no pride. I yield and I am humble to who gave this to me. I have no pride over who is beneath me. I thank Allah. Thus, Allah glorified it and gave it, due to its modesty and gratefulness to Allah, Al-Hussein and his companions."   


* Allah created the land of Karbalaa before he had created Kaa’ba in 24,000 years and he blessed it and made it holy. It was holy and blessed for Allah had created the entire creations and it is still blessed and holy till Allah makes it the best land in heaven and the highest rank and haven that Allah places his saints to live in, in heaven.


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Inspected & Translated by Sayyid Shouhadaa's (A.S) Center for Islamic Research