Imam Ali Bin Al-Hussein's speach to Yazeed

It was narrated that Yazeed (Allah damn him!) ordered a for a pulpit and someone to deliver a lecture that informs people about the bad traits of Al-Hussein and Ali (pbut) and what they have done; hence, that lecturer mounted the pulpit, thanked Allah and praised him and began to massively vilify Ali and Al-Hussein (pbut) and praise Moawiya and Yazeed (Allah damn them) in every way. Therefore, Ali Bin Al-Hussein (pbut) yelled at him and said:" Woe you, O lecturer! For, you have bought the content of the creatures with the rage of the Creator, so wait for your place in Hell," and then Ali Bin Al-Hussein (pbuh) said:" O Yazeed! Allow me to mount these poles and speak some words that please Allah and grant rewards to these people here." Yazeed refused that, so people said:" O Ameer Al-Mo'mineen! Allow him to mount the pulpit for we may hear something from him." Hence, he said:" If he mounts the pulpit, he will not come down unless he exposes me and exposes the household of Abu Sofian!" Thus, he was asked:" O Ameer Al-Mo'mineen, how good is he?" He said:" He is from the household of prophecy who has great knowledge." They kept on insisting until he allowed him. So he mounted the pulpit, thanked Allah, praised him and delivered a sermon that made eyes shed tears and filled hearts with sadness and then said:" O people! We have been given six matters and given superiority by seven matters. We were given knowledge, endurance, forgiveness, eloquence, bravery, and love within the hearts of the believers and we were given superiority by the fact that the chosen prophet, Mohammad, is from us and the saint, Al-Tayyar, the lion of Allah and the lion of His prophet, and the two grandchildren of this nation; whoever knows me has known me and whoever doesn't know me, I shall foretell him my lineage and descent.

O people! I am the son of Mecca and Mena; I am the son of Zamzam and Al-Safa; I am the son of the one who carried the pillar (Al-Roqn) with the tip of the sheet; I am the son of the greatest one dressed; I am the son of the greatest one who wore soles; I am the son of the greatest one to rotate (around the Kaaba) and strive; I am the son of the greatest one who performed pilgrimage and answered the call; I am the son of who carried Al-Boraq in the air; I am the son of who was taken at night from Al-Masjed Al-Haram to Al-Masjed Al-Aqsa; I am the son of who was taken to the final frontier (Sedrat Al-Montaha) by Jebra'eel, I am the son of who approached and became so close to Allah; I am the son of who lead the prayer of the angels of the sky; I am the son of who Allah sent revelations upon him; I am the son of Mohammad Al-Mostafa, I am the son of Ali Al-Mortada and I am the son of who struck the foreheads of the creations until they said:" There is no God but Allah." I am the son of who struck with two swords and stabbed with two spears beside the Messenger of Allah (pbuhp); the one who immigrated the two migrations, pledged allegiance twice, and fought in Bader and Honain and didn't disbelieve in Allah for a blink of an eye. I am the son of the most righteous believer, the inheritor of the prophets, the defeater of the disbelievers; the leader of the Muslims; the Light of the men of Jihad; the beauty of the worshipers, the crown of the weepers, the most enduring one and the best master from the household of  the messenger of the lord of the realms Yaseen. I am the son of who was aided with Jibra'eel and given victory by Mika'eel. I am the son of the defender of the sanctity of the Muslims and the killer of the ones who went astray, the ones who broke the pledge and the oppressors.; the one who fights his enemies, the Nasibis, the most honorable one to walk on land from all of Qoraysh, the first believer to answer Allah and His Messenger; the first one to reach, the vanquisher of the assaulters, the eradicator of the polytheists, the bow thrown by Allah at the hypocrites, the tongue of wisdom of the worshipers, the champion of the religion of Allah, the holder of the matter of Allah, the garden of the wisdom of Allah, the container of the knowledge of Allah; he is forgiving, generous, handsome, honorable.