Imam Hussein (pbuh) and the creatures

* Katheer Bin Shehab Al-Harethi said:" As we were sitting with in Ameer Al-Mo'mineen's (pbuh) yard, Al-Hussein (pbuh) entered so Ali (pbuh) laughed until his jaw's flesh appeared and then he said:" Allah mentioned a people and said:{ Neither the sky, nor the earth cried over them and they were never given a respite.} I swear by the One who created the seed and originated the breeze, this one shall be killed and the sky and earth shall cry over him!"" (1)


* Abu Baseer said that Abu Jaafar (Al-Baqer) (pbuh) said:" Humankind, Jinn, birds, and beasts wept over Al-Hussein Bin Ali (pbut) until their eyes shed tears." (2)


* Orwa Bin Al-Zobayr said:" When Abu Thar was taken out to Al-Rabtha by Othman, people told him:" Be delighted, for this is a small matter done for Allah Almighty!" So I heard him say:" How simple this is! Yet what would you do when Al-Hussein Bin Ali (pbut) is killed- or he said: slaughtered. - By Allah! No murdered man in Islam after the death of the Caliph (meaning Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib) will be greater than him. Allah shall raise His sword against this nation and he will never sheathe it. He shall send a man who will rise (Al-Qa'em) from his descendants; hence, he will take revenge from people. By Allah, if you knew what happens to the dwellers of the seas, the dwellers of the mountains, the groves and hills, and the dwellers of the sky, you would have wept until your souls emerged from your bodies. In every sky that Al-Hussein's soul (pbuh) passes, seventy thousand angels stand with reverence for him and their joints tremble until the Day of Resurrection. Every cloud that passes and makes thunder and lightening damns his killer and his soul is shown to the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) everyday, thus they meet.""


* Ali Bin Mosahar Al-Qorashi said:" My grandmother told me that she was at the time of Al-Hussein Bin Ali when he was killed; she said:" We lived for a year and nine months as the sky was like a clot of blood and the sun was never seen." (3)


* Abu Abdellah Al-Sadiq (pbuh) said:" Put mourning doves in your homes for it damns the killers of A-Hussein Bin Ali (pbut). Allah damn his killer!"


* Dawoud Bin Farqad said:" I was sitting in Abu Abdellah's house (pbuh), so I looked at the mourning doves while it cooed for a long time and then Abu Abdellah (pbuh) looked at me and said:" O Dawoud, do you know what this bird is saying?" I said:" No, may I be sacrificed for you!" He said:" It is cursing the killers of Al-Hussein Bin Ali (pbut). Thus, put these birds in your homes."


* Zaid Bin Al-Arqam said that Al-Hussein Bin Ali (pbuh) said:" All our Shia are indeed saints and martyrs." I said:" How is that, for they die on their beds?" He said:" Don't you read the Book of Allah:{Those who have believed in Allah and His prophets are the saints and martyrs to their Lord.} Thereafter, he (pbuh) said:" If martyrdom is nothing but for those who die by sword, then Allah would have let there be a few martyrs.""


* Imam Abou Abdellah (pbuh) said: O Zurara, the sky wept blood over Hussein for 40 days, the earth wept darkness for 40 days, and the sun wept for 40 days by eclipse and redness. The mountains cracked and its parts scattered, the seas exploded, and the angels cried over Hussein (pbuh) for 40 mornings. No women of us had dyed her hair nor had a woman put Kohl on her eyes till the head of Obaydellah bin Ziad was brought to us. We are still in tears after him. When my grandfather used to mention Hussein, he would cry till his eyes fill his beard and till he who sees him cries over his cries.

The angels that are on his grave cry and because of their cries all the angels that are in the air and sky would cry. When his soul left his body Hell sighed and nearly cleaved from its sigh. When the soul of Obaydellah bin Ziad left his body Hell breathed. If Allah hadn’t held it back in its hole it would had burned all who are on earth. If it were granted permission it would have swallowed everything but it is ordered and chained. It went over its hole for several times till Jibraeel came and hit it with his wing. So she calmed down. Hell cries over him its flames are intense and severe on his killers. If it hadn’t been for the arguments (Imams) who are on earth, earth would have melted with whom are on it. 


* Imam Ali (pbuh) said: “may my father and mother be sacrificed to Hussein who will be killed behind Al-Kufa. By Allah as if I see the beast stretching its necks towards his grave. There are beasts that cry over him and mourn him day and night. If this happened, never don’t cry.”


* Reported from Imam Abou Abdellah (pbuh) that he said: the owl fasts during the day, when it breaks it fasting it would hoot over Hussein bin Ali till the morning. 


* Reported from Imam Abou Abdellah (pbuh)that he was talking about owls, so he said: did anyone of you saw an owl during the day. He was told: “it barley appears during the day. It only appears at night.” He (pbuh) said: “it used to dwell among people in buildings but when Imam Hussein was killed, it decided that it would never dwell but in the ruins. Till now it fasts during the day in grief till night comes. When the night comes it hoots over Hussein till the morning comes. 


* Reported from Abdel Khaliq bin Abed Rabbih that he said that Imam Abou Abdellah (pbuh)said: {none was named as his name before him} none was named as Imam Hussein before and so was Yahya bin Zakariya. The sky didn’t cry for forty mornings but over them. He asked: “how did it cry” Imam (pbuh) said: “it would rise in redness and sets in redness”


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Inspected & Translated by Sayyid Shouhadaa's (A.S) Center for Islamic Research