The First Day of Safar (the caravan of the captives entered Damascus)

What Shimr (may Allah curse him) did when they reach Damascus:

When they approached Damascus, Al-Sayeda Om Kolthoum moved towards Shemer (Allah damn him) and said to him:" I need something from you." Thus, he said:" What's your need?" She said:" When you take us inside the city, take us to a road where there are a few people and ask them to take these heads from between the Howdahs and carry them far from us, for we have been shamed from the many eyes that were staring at us as we are in this condition." Hence, that damn man ordered them to carry the heads on the spears in the center of the Howdahs due to his malice and disbelief and he also made them pass through a road full of people in that condition and when they reached the gate of Damascus, they stopped at the stairs of Al-Masjed Al-Jamea door where the captives are kept.

A Day of grief and sorrow for all beleivers:

Sahel Ben Saed said:" I headed to Jerusalem until I reached the center of Al-Sham where I saw a city full of rivers and trees and veils, curtains and brocades hung by the people who were happy and glad and their women were playing music with tambourines and drums, so I said to myself:" Do the people of Al-Sham have a holiday that we have no knowledge about?!" I saw people talking so I said to them:" O people! Do you have a holiday in Al-Sham that we do not know about?!" They said:" O Sheikh! You must be a stranger?" I said:" I am Sahel Bin Saed and I have seen Mohammad (pbuhp)." They said:" O Sahel! How strange the sky would be if it doesn't rain blood! This is Al-Hussein's head, the household of Mohammad (pbuhp), offered as a gift from Iraq." Thus, I said:" How strange that is! Al-Hussein's head (pbuh) is being offered as a gift and people are happy!?" and then I said:" Through which gate will he enter?" They pointed at a gate called the Gate of Al-Sa'at and as I was standing there, I saw the banners come one after another and then I saw a knight holding a banner with a broken tip and has a head with a face that resembles the Messenger of Allah (pbuhp) the most on top of it and behind him were women on camels without carriage tops, I approached their children and said:" O women servant! Who are you?" She said:" I am Sukaina, the daughter of Al-Hussein." Thus, I said to her:" Do you want a need from me for I am Sahel Bin Saed; I have seen you grandfather and heard his words." She said:" O Sahel! Tell the holder of this head to carry the head in front of us so that people would be occupied by looking at him and not at the Harem of the Messenger of Allah (pbuhp)." Hence, I approached the holder of the head and said to him:" Can you fulfill my need and take four hundred Dinar from me?" He said:" What is it?" I said:" Carry the head in the front." Therefore, he did and I gave him what I had promised him.""

Another narration about that Day:

When the captives reached the gate of Damascus, they stood at the stairs of Al-Masjed Al-Jamea were the captives are kept and then an old man approached the Harem and children of Al-Hussein (pbuh) and says:" Thanks to Allah because He has annihilated and killed you, gave ease to this country by the death of your men and let Ameer Al-Mo'mineen defeat you!" Thus, Ali Bin Al-Hussein (pbuh) said to him:" O Sheikh! Have you read the Quran?" He said:" Yes." He said:" Do you recognize this verse:{ Say: No reward do I ask of you for this except the love of the close relatives.} He said:" I have read that." Thus, Ali (pbuh) said to him:" We are the close relatives. O Sheikh! Have you read this verse in the Chapter of Banu Israel :{ And gives the close kinsfolk their right}?" He said:" I have read that." Thus, Ali (pbuh) said to him:" We are the close kinsfolk. O Sheikh! Have you read this verse:{And know that whatever booty that you may gain; fifth of it I for Allah, His messenger and the close relatives.}?" He said:" Yes." Hence, Ali (pbuh) said:" We are the close relatives. O Sheikh! Have you read this:{Indeed, Allah wants to purify you, O Household, from every filth and He wants to purify you indeed!}?" He said:" I have read that." Hence, Ali (pbuh) said:" We are the Household that has been uniquely described by the verse of purification, O Sheikh!" Thus, the old man stood in silence and regretted what he had said and said:" By Allah! Are you them?" Therefore, Ali Bin Al-Hussein (pbuh) said:" I swear to Allah that we are them without doubt. I swear by our grandfather, the Messenger of Allah (pbuhp), that we are them!" Hence, the old man cried and threw his turban, raised his head towards the sky and said:" O Allah! I announce my innocence from the enemy of the Household of Mohammad!" and then he said:" Can my repentance be accepted?" He (pbuh) said:" If you repent, then Allah will accept your repentance and you will be with us." So, he said:" I repent." Yazeed Bin Moawiya was informed about the conversation of this old man, so he asked for him and he was killed."