Al-Kafi- Sheikh Al-Koleini vol.4 p.62:

Abou Abdellah (pbuh) reported from his forefathers (pbut) that the Prophet (pbuhp) said to his companions: "Do you want me to tell you what you can do to make the Devil far from you as much as the East is far from the West?" They said: "Indeed." He (pbuhp) said: "Fast until your face shows it. Give charity until it wears you out. Love for Allah and maintain doing good deeds until you are eradicated. Plead for forgiveness until you are exterminated. Everything has its purifier and the purifier of the body is fast."


Bihar Al-Anwar- Al-Allama Al-Majlesi vol.39 p.115:

The Prophet (pbuhp) said: "Verily, he who gives a charity shall gain from the weight of every coin as Mount Uhud of Heaven's bliss."


Al-Amali- Sheikh Al-Sadouq p.589:

Abou Baseer said that he heard Abou Abdellah Al-Sadiq, Jaafar Bin Mohammad (pbuh) say: "Issa, the Soul of Allah, once passed by a crowd in an uproar, so he said: "What is the matter with them?" He was told: "O Soul of Allah, a woman is being gifted to a man tonight." He said: "They are in an uproar today and they shall weep tomorrow." Thus, one of them said: "Why is that, O Messenger of Allah?" He said: "It is because she shall die tonight." Some said: "Honest indeed is Allah and His Messenger," and the hypocrites said: "How near tomorrow is!" When they woke up in the morning, they came and found her the same and nothing had happened to her, so they said: "The one whom you said yesterday shall die hasn't died!" Therefore, Issa (pbuh) said: "Allah shall do what He wills. Take us to her." They raced there and knocked on the door. Her husband opened, so Issa (pbuh) said to him: "I ask permission from you to see your mate." Thus, he entered and told her that the Soul and Word of Allah is at the door with others. She cloaked herself and so he entered and said to her: "What did you do this night?" She said: "I only did what I always do. Every Friday eve, a pauper comes to us, so we give him what is enough for him until the coming Friday. He came to me this night. I was busy and my family was busy as well, so he called, but no one answered him and then he called and no one answered him, so he called many times. When I heard his call, I covered myself and went and handed him what we always do." Therefore, he (pbuh) said to her: "Move away" and he saw a snake, as stiff as a log, biting on its tale. Thus, he said: "Allah has driven this away from you because of what you've done."


Wasa'el Al-Shia- Al-Hor Al-Ameli vol.2 p.648:

Abou Jaafar (pbuh) reported from his forefathers (pbut) that the Messenger of Allah (pbuhp) said: "Heal those of you who are ill with charity."


Qorb Al-Isnad- Al-Humairi Al-Qommi p.76:

Mas'ada Bin Sadaqa reported that Jaafar Bin Mohammad (pbuh) reported from his father from his forefathers (pbut) that the Messenger of Allah (pbuhp) said: "Goodness prevents bad deaths and charity puts out the Wrath of Allah, (…)"


Qorb Al-Isnad- Al-Humairi Al-Qommi p.118:

The Messenger of Allah (pbuhp) said: "Invoke sustenance by charity."


Al-Kafi- Sheikh Al-Koleini vol.4 p.2:

Abou Jaafar (pbuh) said: "Righteousness and charity eradicate poverty, increase lifetime and drive away ninety kinds of bad deaths," and in another narration: "and drive away from my Shia bad deaths."


Al-Kafi- Sheikh Al-Koleini vol.4 p.27:

Abou Abdellah (pbuh) reported from his forefathers (pbut) that the Messenger of Allah (pbuhp) said: "Every act of goodness is a charity and he whoguides you to goodness is as the one who does it. Allah Almighty loves those who answer the call of the grieved."


Wasa'el Al-Shia- Al-Hor Al-Ameli vol.11 p.218:

Abou Abdellah (pbuh) in the Hadith of Jaafar Bin Abi Talib with Al-Najashi, the King of Abyssinia, reported that Al-Najashi said: "Some of what Allah sent down to Issa (pbuh) is that some of Allah's rights that must be fulfilled by His servants is to show humility when a blessing is bestowed upon them." When the Prophet (pbuhp) heard this statement, he said to his companions: "Charity enriches its doer, so give charity and Allah shall have mercy on you. Humility raises whom is characterized by it higher, so be humble and Allah shall raise you. Pardon increases the dignity of its doer, so pardon others and Allah shall dignify you."


Mostadrak Al-Wasa'el- Al-Mirza Al-Nori vol.7 p.159:

Sheikh Al-Tousi states in His book (Al-Amali): Abou Qelaba reported that the Messenger of Allah (pbuhp) said: "Allah shall record seven hundred good deeds for who spends a coin for the Sake of Allah."


Al-Amali- Sheikh Al-Tousi p.458:

Ali (pbuh) reported that the Prophet (pbuhp) said: "Every act of goodness is a charity to either someone poor or rich, so give charity even if just a date and fear Hell even if just by giving a date. Allah Almighty shall rear it for its giver as one rears his colt or young camel until He delivers it to him on the Day of Resurrection when it will be greater than a colossal mountain."


Tafseer Al-Ayashi- Mohammad Bin Mas'oud Al-Ayashi vol.2 p.107:

Jaber Al-Jo'fi reported that Abou Jaafar (pbuh) said that the Prince of Believers (pbuh) said: "Once, I gave a Dinar as charity, so the Messenger of Allah (pbuhp) said to me: 'Do you know that a believer's charity does not leave his hand until he unravels by it the bonds of seventy demons and it does not land in the hand of the pauper until it lands in the Hand of the Lord, the Most High? Did He not say this verse: (Do you not know that Allah accepts the repentance of His servants and takes the charities?) until the end of this verse.'"


Al-Mahasen- Ahmad Bin Mohammad Bin Khaled Al-Barqi vol.2 p.349:

He who gives a charity, when waking up to a new day, shall be relieved from the misfortune of that day."


Wasa'el Al-Shia- Al-Hor Al-Ameli vol.6 p.289:

Mohammad Bin Ali Bin Issa said: "I wrote him, meaning Ali Bin Mohammad Al-Hadi (pbuh), asking him about the beggars who sit in the streets fromAlgeriaand other places, if it is approved to give them charity without knowing what their creed is." So he (pbuh) answered: "He who gives charity to a Nasibi, the charity is considered as a debt to him and it is not for him. However, if their creed and identityis not known, that is better. Thus, if you sympathized with him, had mercy on him and could not know what he is, then giving him charity is fine, if Allah wills."


Al-Kafi- Sheikh Al-Koleini vol.4 p.7:

Abou Abdellah (pbuh) reported from his father (pbuh) that the Messenger of Allah (pbuhp) said: "A charity given in secrecy puts out the Wrath of the Lord."


Idat Al-Da'i- Ibin Fahd Al-Helli p.63:

The Prophet (pbuhp) said: "Learning knowledge and teaching it to others is a kind of charity."


Qisas Al-Anbia'- Al-Rawandi p.191:

Al-Sadiq (pbuh) reported from his forefathers (pbut) that the Messenger of Allah (pbuhp) said: "The best of charities is the charity of the tongue. By it, you prevent bloodshed, drive away calamity and bring benefit to you Muslim brother."


Tafseer Noor Al-Thaqalayn- Sheikh Al-Howayzi vol.2 p.261:

The Prince of Believers (pbuh) states in a long Hadith: "When you give a pauper something, ask him to supplicate for you, because his supplication for you is answered but for himself, it is not. It is because they lie and when one gives a charity, let him kiss his hand, for Allah Almighty takes it before it lands in his hand as Allah said: (Do you not know that Allah accepts repentance from his servants and takes the charities.)"


Wasa'el Al-Shia- Al-Hor Al-Ameli vol.6 p.316:

Al-Sadiq (pbuh) reported from his forefathers (pbut) that the Messenger of Allah (pbuhp) said: "He who pretends to do a favor for his brother and then reminds him of it shall have his deed eradicated by Allah, Allah shall burden him with it and shall not thank his effort," and then he (pbuh) said: "Allah Almighty says: Heaven is forbidden to the one who reminds others of his favors, the tightfisted and theslanderer."


Wasa'el Al-Shia- Al-Hor Al-Ameli vol.6 p.287:

Mohammad Bin Abdellah Bin Jafar Al-Humairi reported that he wrote Imam Zaman (pbuh), asking if a man intended to give some of his money to one of his brethren, yet he found that one of his relatives was in need, does he spend it on who he intended to or on his relative? He (pbuh) replied: "He should spend it on the one more in need and closer to his creed. However, Allah does not accept a charity when a kin is in need, so let him divide the money between his kin and whom he intended to help, so that he would be attaining all the virtue."


Al-Ikhtisas- Sheikh Al-Mofeed p.219:

Hassan Bin Al-Jalal said that his grandfather told him: "I heard Al-Hussein Bin Ali (pbuh) say: "I heard the Messenger of Allah (pbuhp) say: "First help your mother, father, sister and brother and then the kins closer to you," and he also said: "There is no charity accepted when a kin is in need.""


Bihar Al-Anwar- Al-Allama Al-Majlesi vol.39 p.175:

The Messenger of Allah (pbuhp) said: "He who carries a charity to someone in need shall gain the same rewards and not even a little less than the one giving it."


Thawab Al-A'mal- Sheikh Al-Sadouq p.143:

Amr Bin Khaled said: "I heard Abou Abdellah (pbuh) say: "Charity given in the day kills sins as water kills salt and charity given at night puts out the Lord's Wrath."


Al-Moqne'- Sheikh Al-Sadouq p.296:

The Messenger of Allah (pbuhp) said: "Give charity at an early time, for ordeals will not pass over it."