Fragrance and Creams

Al-Khisal- Sheikh Al-Sadouq p.392:

Abou Al-Hassan Al-Rida (pbuh) said: "A man should not cease to wear fragrance not even for one day and if he couldn't, he should wear it every other day. If he couldn't as well, he should wear it every Friday and never stop this practice."


Al-Amali- Sheikh Al-Sadouq p.274:

Our Master Imam Al-Sadiq (pbuh) said: "Allah indeed loves beauty and beautifying and hates misery andpretending to be in misery. For when Allah Almighty bestows a blessing upon a servant of His, He loves to see its effect on him." He was asked: "And how is that?" He said: "It is by cleaning his clothes, perfuming himself, decorating his home and sweeping his yard. Moreover, even lighting the lantern before sunset eradicates poverty and increases sustenance."


Wasa'el Al-Shia- Al-Hor Al-Ameli vol.1 p.442:

Anas reported that the Prophet (pbuhp) said: "I love three in this earthly world: Women, perfume and Prayer is the apple of my eye."


Oyoun Akhbar Al-Rida (pbuh)- Sheikh Al-Sadouq vol.1 p.192:

Mohammad Bin Yahya Al-Sawli reported that his grandmother, his father's mother, whose name was Athr once said to him: "I was bought along with some other maids from Al-Koufa where I was born. We we taken to Al-Ma'moun's place which was a heaven of food, drink, perfume and abundant money, so Al-Ma'moun offered me as a gift to Al-Rida (pbuh). When I arrived to his home, I lost all the bliss I was enjoying. A woman was assigned to wake us up at night for prayer and it was the most difficult thing to us. Thus, I wished that I would depart his home, until he offered me to your grandfather Abdallah Bin Abbass. So when I arrived to his home, I felt as if I entered heaven," and Al-Sawli said: "I haven't ever met a woman more intelligent and generous than my grandmother. She passed away in the year two hundred and seventy at an age of one hundred years. She used to ask about Al-Rida (pbuh) very much and say: "All I remember about him is that I used to see him incense himself withIndian aloe wood and then use rose water and Musk (…).


Wasa'el Al-Shia- Al-Hor Al-Ameli vol.1 p.455:

Mohammad Bin Ali Bin Al-Hussein in (Oyoun Al-Akhbar) reported from Al-Rida from his forefathers that the Messenger of Allah (pbuhp) said: "Embrocate yourselves with violet, for it is cold in summer and hot in winter." He (pbuh) also reported from his father that Jaafar Bin Mohammad (pbuh) ordered a cream to embrocate with." He said: "Embrocate." I said: "I did." He said: "It is violet." I said: "And what is the excellence of violet?" Thus he said: "My father told me that his forefathers (pbut) stated that the Messenger of Allah (pbuhp) said: "The excellence of violet over creams is as the excellence of Islam over the rest of religions.""