Al-Kafi- Sheikh Al-Koleini vol.2 p.656:

Abou Abdellah (pbuh) said: "He who hears a sneeze and thus thanks Allah Almighty, sends prayers upon the Prophet (pbuhp) and his Household (pbut) shall not complain about his eyes and molars," and then he (pbuh) said: "If you hear it, say this, even if there was a sea between you and him."


Makarem Al-Akhlaq- Sheikh Al-Tabarsi p.354:

Abou Abdellah (pbuh) said: "He who says upon hearing a sneeze: "Thanks to Allah whatever the case may be, concerning this earthly world or the Hereafter and may Allah's prayers be upon Mohammad and his Household" shall not see any harm in his mouth."


Al-Kafi- Sheikh Al-Koleini vol.2 p.654:

Ahmad Bin Mohammad Bin Abi Nasr said: "I heard Al-Rida (pbuh) say: "Yawning is from the Devil and sneezing is from Allah Almighty."