Some virtues and miracles of Imam Al-Askari (AS)

Imam Al-Askari in the Hadith of Lawh reported from Rasoulollah from Allah: and then I have granted an ending of bliss for his son Ali, My saint, advocate, the  witness among My creations and the guardian of My Revelation. 
I shall let the preacher of My path, the holder of My knowledge Al-Hasan emerge from him and then I shall perfect that all by his son to be a mercy on all the worlds [Al-Ikhtisas p.210, Al-Ghayba p.143, Al-Ihtijaj vol.1 p.84, Al-Rawda p.126, Kamal Al-Deen p.308, Oyoun Akhbar Al-Rida vol.2 p.48, Ilzam Al-Nasib vol.1 p.192, Al-Lamaa Al-Bayda'a p.187]

* Abu Hashem said:" I entered Abu Mohammad's place (Imam Hasan Askari) (pbuh) as he was writing a letter and then the time of the first prayer (Al-Salat) came so he (pbuh) put the letter down and stood up to pray. Thus, I saw the pen pass on the rest of the paper of the letter and write until the end. Therefore, I prostrated to him with reverence and when he finished praying, he held the pen in his hand." 
Oyoun Al-Moajizat p.123, Al-Bihar vol.50 p.304, Al-Anwar Al-Bahiya p.308, Madinat Al-Maajez vol.7 p.597 

* Jaafar Bin Mohammad Al-Ramhermazi said:" I looked at my master Abu Mohammad (Imam Al-Hasan Al-Askari) (pbuh) and a group of our brethren so I said to myself:" I would love to see proof of my master Abu Mohammad's virtue that would ease me. Thus, I saw him ascend to the sky until he blocked the horizon so I said to my companions:" Are you seeing what I'm seeing?!!" They said:" And what is that?" So, I pointed out at him yet he returned to his previous form and entered the mosque."
Al-Hidaya Al-Kobra p.386, Sahifat Al-Abrar vol.2 p.401

Mohammad Bin Jarir Al-Tabari said:" I saw Al-Hasan Bin Ali Al-Seraj (Al-Askari) (pbuh) walk in the markets of Samaraa having no shadow and I saw him take leaves of evergreen trees and turn them into paper currencies of silver and raise his head and hand towards the sky and then return his hand full of pearls."
Dala'el Al-Imama p.426, Madinat Al-Maajez vol.7 p.574

Mohammad Bin Abdellah said:" Abu Mohammad (Imam Al-Hasan Al-Askari) (pbuh) fell in a well when he was a child while Abu Al-Hasan (Imam Al-Hadi) (pbuh) was praying and the women were screaming so when he (pbuh) finished praying, he said:" It's alright." Thus, they saw him (Imam Al-Askari); the water ascended to the head of the well and Abu Mohammad (pbuh) was over the water playing with it."
Al-Khara'ej Waljara'eh vol.1 p.451, Al-Bihar vol.50 p.274, Al-Sirat Al-Mostaqeem vol.2 p.208, Al-Anwar Al-Bahiya p.311

* Ali Bin Mohammad Bin Al-Hasan said:" A group of our companions from Al-Ahwaz who I was with came and the Sultan went to the Wali of Al-Basra because he wanted to see Abu Mohammad (Al-Askari) (pbuh). We saw him go with him so we waited for his return in Samaraa. When he (pbuh) returned, he stood in front of us and spread his hand to his cap and took it off his head and held it and then he put his other hand on his head and laughed to the face of a man among us. Thus, that man said:" I testify that you are the Argument of Allah and His Chosen One!" So, we said:" O you! What is this about?" He said:" I doubted him so I said to myself:" If he returned and took the cap off his head, I will admit that he is the Imam."" 
Al-Khara'ej Waljara'eh vol.1 p.444, Kashef Al-Ghoma vol.3 p.221, Al-Bihar vol.50 p.294, Madinat Al-Maajez vol.7 p.600, Oyoun Al-Moajizat p.125

Mohammad Bin Jarir Al-Tabari said:" A group of people from Black Iraq came to Al-Hasan Bin Ali 
(Al-Askari) and complained the fewness of rainfalls, so he wrote words for them. Thus, it rained yet they returned complaining the abundance of rain. Therefore, he (pbuh) sealed the ground so the rain stopped."
Dala'el Al-Imama p.426, Nawader Al-Moajizat p.191, Madinat Al-Maajez vol.7 p.573

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