O My God! I beseech Thee through (the medium of) Thy
Mercy which encompasses all things,

and through (the medium of) Thy Might which over-

powers all things, to which all things submit and compared

to which all things are humble,

and through (the medium of) Thy Power through which

Thou hast conquered all things,


and through (the medium of) Thy Greatness against

which nothing can stand up (or can rise),

and through (the medium of) Thy Grandeur which

prevails upon all things,

and through (the medium of) Thy Own self which will

continue existing when all things will pass away (cease to


and through (the medium of) Thy Names (attributes)

which manifest Thy Power over all things,

and through (the medium of) Thy Knowledge which

pervades all things,

and through the glory of Thy Person which illuminates all



O Thou (who are) the Light, O Thou (who are the most

Holy) .

O Thou who existeth before the foremost things


(from time without beginning), O Thou who shalt exist after

the last things will cease to exist (Thou art Eternal-no

beginning and no end) .


my Lord! forgive my such sins as would disgrace virtue;

my Lord! forgive my such sins as would bring down

retribution (from the Heavens) ;

my Lord! forgive my such sins as would change prosperity

and happiness (into afflictions and sorrows) ;

my Lord! forgive my such sins as would intercept my

invocations and prayers;

my Lord! forgive my such sins as would sup-press hope;

my Lord! forgive my such sins as would bring down



my Lord! forgive all the sins that 1 have committed and all

the vices that I am guilty of.


my Lord! I endeavour to achieve Thy favour through Thy

praises and invocations to Thee; I pray to Thee to intercede

Thyself on' my behalf; I entreat of Thine benevolence to

grant me Thy nearness, to bestow on me the quality of

feeling (truly) grateful to Thee and to inspire me to keen on

remembering and invoking Thee.

my Lord! I entreat Thee begging submissively, humbly and

meekly to treat me mercifully, to take pity on me, to make

me contented, satisfied and pleased with what is allotted to

me by Thee, and to keep me gentle and modest in all

circumstances (in all phases of life) .


Lord! I beg Thee as one who is passing through extreme

privations and in his misery supplicates his


needs to Thee, and (as one) whose cravings are great for the

things which are Thine.

Lord! Great is Thy Kingdom, exalted is Thy please,

inscrutable are Thy Ways, evident is Thy Authority,

overwhelming is Thy Might, ever-operating (acting) is Thy

Power and no escape is possible from Thy Domain.


Lord! except Thee I do not find any one (so kind as) to

pardon my sins, to conceal my degradations (despicable

actions) and to divert me (my mind) from vices to virtues.


There is no God but Thou, Glory and praise be to Thee, I

have harmed myself (by foul deeds) , I have boldly taken to

sins and vices as I was ignorant (of Thy Wrath and Power)

and confident of my past prayers and invocations and Thy

(constant) mercies and blessings on me (which I took for



My God! O my Lord! How many of my vices hast Thou

covered (from public gaze), how many calamities (descending

upon me) hast Thou reduced the severity of; how many of my

mistakes hast Thou corrected, how many misfortunes hast

Thou averted (from me) how many elegant praises has Thou

allowed to be propagated about me which I did not merit!


O my Lord! my trials and misfortunes are great. and my

sorrow and sufferings are intense,

and my good deeds are few, and my manacles (liabilities and

responsibilities) lie heavily upon me.

And inordinate (remote) desires keep me away even from

lawful gains.

The world has deceived me with its vanities and my mind has

deceived me with dishonesty and procrastination.

Therefore, my Lord, I implore Thee in the name of Thy


greatness not to let my sins, and vices hinder my prayers from

access to Thy realm, and not to disgrace me by exposing my

(hidden) sins and vices of which Thou hast knowledge, and

not to hasten Thy retribution for the vices I have committed

secretly and which were due to evil-mindedness, sinfulness,

ignorance, lustfulness and negligence.

So my Lord (I crave Thee) for the sake of Thy Greatness

under all (those) circumstances before giving and under all

conditions be merciful unto me.


O my God! have I any one besides Thee, O my Lord! to

whom can I turn in my hour of afflictions to relieve me of my

sorrows and to put my affairs in order!


My God! My Master! Thy commandments came


into force for me (to obey) but I followed (evil) intentions of

my (warped) mind, and I heeded not (those

commandments) on account of allurements staged by my

enemy who deceived me through my passions (evil desires)

, and my ill luck also favoured him (my enemy) in this.

Thus I transgressed some of the bonds set by Thee (for

human freedom) and I disobeyed some of Thy commands.

Praise be to Thee, my Lord! Thou hast proof against me

in all these matters, and I have no argument (no reasoning)

to protest against Thy Judgment and Thy Orders and

Afflictions (sent down by Thee).


I return to Thee, my Lord, after having committed the

sins of omission and commission against myself apologetic,

repentant, broken-hearted, imploring forgiveness, begging

pardon (for my sins) con-


fessing (my vices), submissive and admitting (my faults).

I see no escape from that which has been done by me, and

I find no refuge to which I may turn except that Thou mayest

(kindly) accept my excuse (plea).

And allow me to enter the realm of Thy Mercy.


O my Lord! accept my apology, and have pity on my

intense sufferings, and set me free from the strong fetters

(put on by my evil deeds) .

Lord! have mercy on the weakness of my body, and on the

tenderness of my skin and on the brittleness of my bones.

O Thou! Who originated my creation (and then) granted

me fame and honour, (Who) arranged for my upbringing and

ensured my welfare and made provisions for my food, as

Thou hast been generous


to me from the very beginning of my life, please continue

Thy Favours and Blessings as before.


O my God! O my Master! wilt Thou see me punished in

Thy hell after I have faithfully believed in Thy Unity?

And when my heart has been truly and loyally filled with

knowledge about Thee?

And when my tongue has persistently praised Thee and

repeated Thy name, and I have conscientiously, faithfully,

and constantly loved Thee, and after sincere confessions (of

my sins and vices) and after the moving and humble

entreaties made by me?

No, My Lord! such an action is far from Thee, Thou art

far too kind and generous to lay waste one whom Thou has

nourished, maintained and supported or drive away from

Thyself one whom Thou h a t kept under Thy protection,


or to scare away one whom Thou has given shelter, or to

abandon one to afflictions and trials whom Thou hast

protected and hast shown Kindness and Mercy.


O my Master! My God and my Lord! I can never believe

that Thou wilt empower the fire (of hell) to burn the faces

which have submissively bowed in prostration before Thy


Or (Thou wilt burn in the fire of hell) the tongues which

have sincerely declared Thy Unity and have been always

thankful (for Kindness and Mercy).

Or (Thou wilt permit the fires of hell to consume) the

hearts which have acknowledged Thy Divinity with


Or (Thou wilt allow to be cremated in hell) the minds

which have gathered such knowledge about Thee as to feel

humble and submissive before Thee.


Or (Thou wilt consent to consumption by fire in hell) of

bodies whose endeavours, wherever they lived, were

directed towards obedience and service to Thee and which

have exerted themselves with deserving humility to seek

Thy Forgiveness.