He implores Divine Protection

O Lord, if Thou wilt, Thou canst forgive our sins, and manifest Thy Grace; and if. Thou wilt Thou canst punish us, and thus display Thy justice. Therefore, be graciously pleased to make Thy pardon


easy for us, and by Thy forgiveness deliver us from Thy punishment; for, verily, we have no strength to stand (against) Thy justice; and there is no deliverance for any of us, save through Thy pardon.

O Most Independent One! Behold, we, Thy servants, are standing before Thee, and verily we are in great need. Therefore, fulfil our desires from the vastness of Thy wealth, and do not cut off our hope by refusal. For, thereby Thou wilt have rendered him unlucky who begged happiness of Thee; and Thou wilt have disappointed him who besought Thee for favours.

So, at such a time to whom shall we turn when leaving Thee, and whither shall we take our journey from Thy gate. O Holly One, we are weak and helpless; and Thou hast promised to grant deliverance in answer to the prayers of the distressed.


We are afflicted, and Thou halt promised relief to those in affliction.

The showing of mercy to one who seeks it most resembles Thy will; and it is the noblest of all the acts of Thy greatness; such also is the redress of one who prays to Thee for redress. Therefore, graciously hear our application unto Thee, and redress our wrongs when we have cast ourselves before Thee.

O Lord, verily, Satan ridiculed us when we followed him in disobeying Thee.

Therefore, bless Mohammad and his ?l (family), and do not let him ridicule us, after our renouncing him for Thee, and after turning away from him unto Thee.