He implores protection from evils,immorality and blameworthy actions

O Lord, I implore Thy protection from the ex- citation of greed, the impetuosity of anger, the domination of envy, the lack of patience, the scarcity of contentment, the depravity of morals, the importunity of passion, the excess of zeal, the sub-mission to desires, the opposition to right, the drow-

siness of negligence, the entrance into troubles, the preferring of wrong to right, persistence in sins, the underestimation of guilt the overestimation of service, the pride of the wealthy,

the despising of the poor, the abuse of power over those under our hands, the omitting to thank those who are kind to us, assisting oppressor, forsaking the oppressed, aiming at that to which we are not entitled, and speaking in matters of learning without knowledge.

And we implore Thy protection from keeping in mind the weaknesses of others, from being proud of our good deeds, and from indulging in far-reaching hopes.

O Lord, we flee to Thee for protection from in-ward evil,1 from underestimation of minor sins, from the domination of Satan over us, from being involved in calamity by the course of events and from being oppressed by the sultan, 2

1. i.e. from sinful thoughts.
2. Vide not on a similar passage in prayer No. 5.

And we flee to Thee for protection from acquiring extravagant habits, and from want of livelihood. And we ask Thy protection from the ridicule of enemies, from the begging of equals, from living in hardships and dying without preparation.

And we seek Thy protection from the exceeding regret, from the great calamity, from the terrible misfortune, from unsafe refuge, from being unrewarded, and from the visitation of chastisement.

O Lord, bless Mohammad and his ?l (family), and protect me and all the true believers, both male and female, from all these by Thy mercy, 0 Most Merciful!