His prayer, when he had something of importance before him, or some accident

befell him and at times of distress.

O Lord Thou, by Whom the knots of difficulties are untied;

O Lord Thou, by Whom the severity of hardships is extinguished:

O Lord Thou, from whom we seek deliverance from trials, and comfort in times of distress,-(Thou art the One) through Whose power all things become easy, through whose favoure all causes become

effective, by Whose authority decrees have been issued and according to Whose will things have moved.

They obeyed Thy will, even though Thou didst not speak to them, and they are restrained by Thy intention, even though Thou dost not give expression to it. Thou art the One unto Whom we cry in times of trouble, and Thou art the only refuge in distress; None of them are removed except what Thou hast removed; and none have been taken away unless Thou hast taken them away;

And verily, O Lord that misfortune has befallen me the burden of which is unbearable; there has overtaken me that which is unendurable.

By Thy might Thou hast brought it on me, and by Thy authority Thou hast directed it towards me; so there is no one to ward off that which Thou hast brought on, and no one to turn aside That which

Thou hast directed.

There is no opener of what Thou hast closed, and no one to shut what Thou hast opened.

There is no one to make easy what Thou hast made difficult, and no one to assist him whom Thou hast forsaken.

Therefore, send blessings upon Mohammad and his ?l (family) and graciously open for me O Lord, the gate of deliverance; remove from me overpowering anxiety by Thy might: look with favour upon the complaints I have offered and make me taste the sweetness of Thy dealings with me, concerning those things which I have asked of Thee. Bestow Thy mercy upon me, and pleasant relief from sorrow.

Grant me, by Thy grace speedy deliverance from distress. Do not let anxiety keep me from the performance


of my duties to Thee, and the observance of Thy laws. Verily I am distressed because of what has be-fallen me, and am full of sadness on account of having to bear what has overtaken me.

Thou has power to remove that in which I am involved, and to avert that into which I have fallen. Therefore, grant me this (favour) even though I do not deserve it from Thee, 0 Possessor of the Magnificent throne!