His prayer when what he feared was averted, and when he too quickly obtained what he wanted

Praise be to Thee O Lord for the goodness of Thy decree and for what Thou didst avert from me, of calamity; Therefore, let not my share of Thy mercy, consist in what 5. i.e. news of future reward.


Thou didst hasten to give me of Thy security, lest I should turn out unlucky in obtaining what I liked and another prove lucky for what I disliked.

And if what I enjoyed of this security by day or night be destined to be followed by an ever-lasting calamity, and a perpetual penalty, then, be pleased to advance to me what Thou hast delayed, and keep back from me what Thou hast advanced;

For, whatever endeth in destruction is not great, and whatever endeth in permanence is not little.