Tacit and Explicit Testimony as proof of the owner of the House's (a.s.) Divine Authority over the people abu Muhammad al-Hassan (a.s.)

Ali ibn Muhammad has narrated from Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Bilal who has said the following. "Two years before his leaving this world, abu Muhammad (a.s.)sent out information to me about the succeeding Imam after him. Just three days before his leaving this world he again sent out information to me about the succeeding Imam after him."

H 861, Ch. 75, h 2

Muhammad ibn Yahya has narrated from Ahmad ibn Ishaq from abu Hashim al-Ja'fari who has said the following. "I said to abu Muhammad (a.s.), 'Your grace causes shyness to me to ask you questions. May I ask you a question?" He said, "Yes, you may ask." I said, "My master, do you have a son?" He said, "Yes, I do have a son." I then said, "If anything will happen to you, where would I ask him (about my religion)?" He replied, "Ask him in Madina."

H 862, Ch. 75, h 3

Ali ibn Muhammad has narrated from Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Kufi from Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Makfuf from 'Amr al-Ahwazi who has said the following. "Abu Muhammad (a.s.) showed me his son and said, "This will be your master (Leader with Divine Authority) after me."

H 863, Ch. 76, h 4

Ali ibn Muhammad has narrated from Hamdan al-Qalanisi who has said the following. "The narrator has said, 'I said to al-'Amri, "Has abu Muhammad (a.s.) left this world?" He said, "He has left this world but has appointed for (a Leader with Divine Authority) whose neck is like this. He made a sign with his hand." (The hand gesture was an indication of Imam's good health or perhaps age).

*1. Al-'Amri was the first of the twelfth Imam's representatives.

H 864, Ch. 76, h 5

Al-Husayn ibn Muhammad al-Ash'ari from Mu'alla ibn Muhammad from Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn 'Abdallah who has said the following. "(A letter) came out from abu Muhammad (a.s.) when al-Zubayri, may Allah condemn him, was killed. It said, "This is the recompense for those who disregard Allah in the matters of the people whom He has appointed as His authority over the cratures. He thought he could murder me and I do not have a son. How did he experience the power of Allah in the matter.

A boy was born to him and he named him M.H.M.D. in the year two hundred fifty six. (Abbreviation stands for the name of the Imam because of the prohibition to pronounce it in a complete word.)."

H 865, Ch. 76, h 6

Ali ibn Muhammad has narrated from al-Husayn and Muhammad, the sons of Ali ibn Ibrahim from Muhammad ibn Ali ibn 'Abd al-Rahman al-'Abdi -from the tribe of 'Abd Qays- from Daw' ibn Ali al-'Ijli from a man of the people of Fars whose name he mentioned and who has said the following. "I went to Samarra and devoted myself to the gate (of the house) of abu Muhammad (a.s.). The Imam (a.s.) called me. I went to him and offered greetings. 

He asked me, " What brings you here?" The narrator has said that he said, "My wish to serve you has brought me here." He then said, "(Help us) as a devoted (security guard) at the gate.)" The narrator has said that he then stayed at the gate with other servants. Once then he went to buy the needed items from the market. He would inter the house without formal permission when man were in the house. The narrator has said, "One day I interred the house and he (The Imam (a.s.) was in the men's quarters.

I heard some movement in the house and the Imam (a. s.) said to me, "Stay wherever you are and do not move." I felt shy of going both inside and outside. A maiden came out to me with something under a cover with her. Then the Imam (a. s.) called me to come in. I went inside. He called the maiden and she came back to him. He said to her, "Remove the covering from (the face of) who is you.

She removed the cover from the face of a white a complexion beautiful boy. The Imam (a.s.) then removed the covering further aside. There was greenish black hair between his neck and belly. The Imam (a.s.) said, "This is you master (Leader with Divine Authority). Then he ordered her to take him and she obeyed. Ever since I did not see him until abu Muhammad (a.s.) left this world."