The Armaments and Sacred Items belonging to the Holy Prophet (s.a.) that transferred to the Imam (a.s.)

A number of our people has narrated from Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn 'Isa from Ali ibn al- Hakam from Mu'awiya ibn Wahab from Sa'id al-Samman who has said the following. "I was in the presence of abu 'Abdallah (a.s.) when two people from the Zaydia sect came to him.

They asked, "Is there with you an Imam obedience to whom is obligatory?" The narrator has said that the Imams (a.s.) said, "No, there no one as such." They then said, "Reliable people have informed us about you that you issue fatwas and that you affirm and speak of it. We can point out what their names are. They are very pious alert people.

They are such that can not be rejected. The Imams (a.s.) became angry and said, "I have not ordered them to say so." When the two men notice anger from the face of The Imams (a.s.) they left."

The Imams (a.s.) then asked me, "Do you know these two?" I said, "Yes, I know them. They are from our Suq (shopping center). They belong to the Zaydia sect and they think that the sword of the Holy Prophet (s.a.) is with 'Abdallah ibn al-Hassan."

The Imams (a.s.) said, "They have lied, may Allah condemn them. I swear by Allah, 'Abdallah ibn al-Hassan has not seen it with his own eyes, not even of his eyes has seen it. Even his father had seen it except if he might have seen it with Imam Ali ibn al-Husayn (a.s.). If they are truthful let them say what kind of mark does its hilt have and what is the mark on its blade?

With me is the sword of the Messenger of Allah, with me is the flag of the Messenger, his coat of arms, his Lamam (pennon) and his helmet. If they are truthful let them say what kind of mark does the coat of arms of the Messenger of Allah has? With me is the flag of the Messenger of Allah, the victorious.

With me is the Staff of Moses. With me is the ring of Solomon son of David. With me is tray on Moses used to offer offerings. With me is the name that whenever the Messenger of Allah would place it between the Muslims and pagans no arrow from the pagans would reach the Muslims.

With me is the similar object that angels brought." Perhaps The Imams (a.s.) has hinted to the following verse. 'Their Prophet further told them, "As the evidence of his authority, he will bring to you the Ark which will be a comfort to you from your Lord and a legacy of the household of Moses and Aaron. It will be carried by the angels. This is the evidence for you if you have faith.' (2:248)

The case of the Arms with us is like the case of the Ark in the Israelites. Whichever family would have had the Ark at their door-front that family would receive prophet-hood. To whoever of us the Arms are transferred he receives Imamat (leadership with Divine authority).

My father wore the coats of arms of the Messenger of Allah. It would reach the earth and leave marks. I wore it also and it reached the earth and sometimes it would not. When the one from us who, will rise to establish the authority of Allah on earth, will come it will fit him perfectly, if Allah would so will."

H 622, Ch. 38, h 2

Al-Husayn ibn Muhammad al-Asha'ari has narrated from Mu'alla ibn Muhammad from al- Hassan ibn Ali al-Washsha' from Hammad ibn 'Uthman from 'Abdallah 'Ala' ibn A'yan who has said that he heard abu 'Abdallah (a.s.) say the following. "With me is the arms of the Messenger of Allah. It is not disputable."

The Imam (a.s.) then said, "The Arms are well defended. If they would be place with the worst creature of Allah he will be very good among them." The Imam (a.s.) then said, "This matter (leadership with Divine authority) will proceed to the one who will enjoy total obedience. When Allah's will grant permission he will appear in public and people will say, "What is this happening?" Allah will make his hand to protect his followers and subjects."

H 623, Ch. 38, h 3

Muhammad ibn Yahya has narrated from Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn 'Isa from al-Husayn ibn Sa'id from al-Nadr ibn Suwayd from Yahya al-Halabi from ibn Muskan from abu Basir from abu 'Abdallah (a.s.) who has said the following. "Of the legacy that the Messenger of Allah left was a sword, a coat of arms, a spears, a saddle and a gray mule. Ali ibn abu Talib (a.s.) inherited all of them."

H 624, Ch. 38, h 4

Al-Husayn ibn Muhammad has narrated from Mu'alla ibn Muhammad from al-Washsha' from Aban ibn 'Uthman from Fudayl ibn Yasar from abu 'Abdallah (a.s.) who has said the following. " My father wore the Dhat al-Fdul, coat of arms of the Messenger of Allah and being taller for him it left marks on the ground. I wore it and it was taller for me also."

H 625, Ch. 38, h 5

hmad ibn Muhammad and Muhammad ibn Yahya have narrated from Muhammad ibn al- Hassan from Muhammad ibn 'Isa from Ahmad ibn abu 'Abdallah who has said that he asked abu al-Hassan al-Rida (a.s.) about al-Dhulfaqar, the sword of the Messenger of Allah as to wherefrom it was. The Imam (a.s.) said, "Jibril came down with it from the heavens. It was decorated with gold and it is with me now."

H 626, Ch. 38, h 6

Ali ibn Ibrahim has narrated from his father from Muhammad ibn 'Isa from Yunus ibn 'Abd al-Raman from Muhammad ibn al-Hakim from abu Ibrahim (a.s.) who has said the following. " The arms are kept with us. They are well protected. Even if they would placed with the worst of the creatures he would a good one of them. My father stated to me that when he married a lady from al-Thaqif the house was decorated for the wedding.

Next morning he found fifteen nails drawn into that wall. He became very anxious about it and asked hid bridegroom to leave the house because he needed the handyman to do some work therein. When he examined the wall he found that all the nails had turned back from the sword and none of them had reached it."

H 627, Ch. 38, h 7

Muhammad ibn Yahya has narrated from Muhammad ibn al-Husayn from Safwan ibn Yahya from ibn Muskan from Hujr from Humran who has said the following. " I asked abu Ja'far (a. s.) about the truth in the matter which people relate that a sealed page (or pages) was given to 'Umm Salama." The Imam (a.s.) then said, "When the Messenger of Allah passed away, Ali (a.s.) inherited his (Holy Prophet's ) arms and whatever was therein, then it was transferred to Imam al-Hassan then to Imam al-Husayn (a.s.).

However, then we became anxious about loosing them we then decided to leave them in trust of 'Umm Salama. Afterwards Imam Ali ibn al-Husayn (a.s.) took custody of the arms." I then said, "Then it is true that it was transferred to your father and then they ended up to you."

H 628, Ch. 38, h 8

Muhammad has narrated from Ahmad ibn Muhammad from al-Husayn ibn Sa'id from Fudala from 'Umar ibn Aban who has said the following. "I asked abu 'Abdallah (a.s.), 'People say that a sealed page (or pages) was given to 'Umm Salama. Is it true?'" The Imam (a.s.) said, "When the Messenger of Allah passed away, Ali (a.s.) inherited his knowledge, his Armaments and whatever was with it.

Then it was transferred to al-Hassan then to al- Husayn." The narrator has said that then said to the Imam (a.s.), "Then it was transferred to Ali ibn al-Husayn (a.s.) then to his son then it ended up to you." The Imam (a.s.) said, "That is true."

H 629, Ch. 38, h 9

Muhammad ibn al-Husayn has narrated from Ali ibn Muhammad from Sahl ibn Ziyad from Muhammad ibn al-Walid Shabab al-Sayrafi from Aban ibn 'Uthman from abu 'Abdallah (a. s.) who has said the following "When the Messenger of Allah was about to dies, he called to him al-'Abbass ibn 'Ad al-Muttalib and Amir al-Mu'mini (a.s.) .

He said to al-'Abbass, "O auncle of Muhammad, will you inherit the legacy of Muhammad , pay his debts and fulfill his promises and commitments?" He responded, "O the Messenger of Allah, May Allah take my soul and the souls of my parents in service for your cause, I am an old man with a large number of dependents, with very little belongings while in generosity compete the winds."

He (the Messenger of Allah) said, "I will give them away to whoever would want them along with its rights and responsibilities." Then the Holy Prophet (s.a.) said, "O Ali, brother of Muhammad, will you pay off the liabilities of Muhammad, pay off his debt and take possession of his legacy?" He said, "Yes, May Allah take my soul and the soul of my parents in service for your cause, it is my responsibility and in my favor" Ali (a.s.) has said, "I looked at him and saw take off even his ring from his finger and said to me wear on this ring in my lifeee time."

He (Ali) (a.s.) has said, "I lookked to the ring when wearing on my finger and wished to have it out of all his properties." He then called upon Bilal loudly, "Bring me my helmet, the coat of arms, the flag, the Shirt, the Dhulfaqar, (famous sword), al-Sahab, (the Turban) al-Burd, ( the clothe) al-Abraqa, (the belt)and the Staff." Ali (a.s.) has said, "I had never before seen that belt.

When it was brought its shine would almost take away one's sight. It was of the belts of paradise." He (the Messenger of Allah) thensaid, "O Ali, Jibril brought this for me and said, "O Muhammad, place it in the ring of the coat of arms and use it as a belt around your midsection. Then he asked that the two pairs of Arabian shoves be brought to him along with the shirt.

One of them was already stitched and the other was not yet stitched. It was the Shirt with which he take for the 'Isra' (the night journey), the Shirt while wearing it he came out on the day of 'Uhud. Three caps were brought, the cap used while on a journey, the cap used on the 'Id days and the cap used on Frindays. Also the cap that was used during his meeting with his companions was brought to him."

Then he (the Messenger of Allah ) said, "O Bilala, bring to us the two mules, the gray one and Dul dul and the two camels, al_Ghadba' and al-Qaswa' and the two horses." Al-Janah wopuld been kept near the door of the Mosque in case the Messenger of Allah needed. Whenever he would need any thing he would let a man to ride on it to go for the task and the horse wound run for the needs of the Messenger of Allah.

Also Hayzum was brought to him, the donkey called 'Ufayr were brought to him. He then said, "Take possession of these in my life time." Amir al- Mu'mini (a.s.) has said, "The first one of the animals died was 'Ufayr who died at within the same hour that the Messenger of Allah died. He brook off his bound until and began to run until he came to the well of bnu Khatma in Quba and threw himself into it and it became his grave."

It is narrated that Amir al-Mu'mini (a.s.) has said, "That donkey spoke to the Messenger of Allah say, May Allah take my soul and the soul of my parents in service for your cause, my father related to me from his father from his grand father from his father who lived with Noah in the Ark.

Once Noah came to him and whipped his on his back and said, "From the descendents of this donkey there will a donkey on whose back the master and the last of the prophets will ride. I thank Allah who has made me that donkey."