Supplement 6

You think the earth belongs to Him, said I, because of its close connection with those other creations that belong to Him? Are you not also aware, asked I, "that a garden of such magnificence, containing men and animals along with its trees, and other creations, to be kept in health must be irrigated, and refreshed with life-giving water?

"Yes, he replied. "None of these creations can live without water.

"Will you say, asked I, "that the creator of the garden with all that is in it, is not the creator of water; that the existence of the garden that he created depends upon the pleasure of He who created the water, who may stop its supply when he chooses?

"It is impossible, he replied, "to believe in the existence of two creators, one for the garden and one for the water. I am sure there is one creator for the both, and it is the same who created the mountains which are the sources of great rivers and flowing waters. If this irrigation had been by other one, the garden and its contents must have withered and died. He who created the garden must have created the water first, knowing it was needed to keep the garden in the best condition,

"If there were no store of water asked I, "to flow to the garden, and refresh it in case of emergency, do you not think it would have been destroyed, for you may have heard that it has many times suffered through want of water?

"Yes, he replied, "I am wondering now if there is any need of anyone to manage these things. The law of nature may be, that water must ever flow without cessation.

"You have admitted, said I, "that but for the ocean and its store of water the garden might have become dry and barren. "Yes, he said.

Well, said I, I intend to convince you of the creator of the ocean being the same creator as He of the earth; and that the ocean is really a reservoir held in reserve into which the streams and rivers pour their superfluous energy for time of need. And that in the ocean He has created many good and profitable things.

Convince me of this, he said, ''as you have done already with regard to other things. Are you not aware that all surplus water is collected by the sea? Yes, he replied.

Have you ever known its quantity being increased through and abundance of rain; or decrease through excessive heat or famine? I asked. No, he replied.

"Does not your reason says, said I, "that the Allah who created the garden was He who created the ocean, and that He fixed a limit to the latter? The proof which stands in favor of my argument is that, were those great mountains like waves which arise out of the sea, not restrained from passing a certain limit they would have overwhelmed the whole garden of the world. We see despite their fury and passions that there is a fix limit, which reaching, their fury and passion become spent.

"Yes , he said, "You are quite right. The wonder of the phenomena makes your argument very strong.

"I will dwell further on the matter, said I, "and convince you of the connection of the different creations one with another-a connection which must prove to you that the Universe is the work of one omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent Allah. You must be aware that many gardens are not watered by rivers or streams. That many vegetables, trees and plants growing in fore are supplied water by the rains which fall from the sky, and all the wild beasts who inhabit these spots, depend on the rain for water also.

"Certainly, he said.

"Well, do not your senses, which you claim to be the perfect means by which we come to the knowledge of things, point out to you that the rain clouds carry water to those places devoid of rivers and streams? If these clouds were creation of some other than He, who created the garden, that other might have stopped supplying water at any time, and the owner of the garden must have been in perpetual anxieties as to the welfare of his garden. 

You are indeed right, he said, there is a perfect connection with each and everything of the world. It would be absurd to say that the creator of the garden, its contents and the store of water laid for its use, is not the same as the creator of the sky and the clouds. He must be the same to water his garden, at certain necessary moments lest His garden die. I wish you to discuss a further, that I may clear my brain of any lingering doubt and be thoroughly convinced of the truth.

"InshaAllah, with God's pleasure, I will convince you that the things of this world are created by some wise creator. I will convince you through this 'halila' and prove its connection with the things of the garden and the skies.

"I can hardly imagine, said he, that you can remove all my doubts through the medium of this 'halila'. "I will from it, said I, show you the stability of creation, the atoms and ingredients, that go to make perfect development, and from this halila's first connection with its roots and branches prove the dependence one thing has on another, and the close relation borne to celestial objects." "If you prove these things, he said, "I can no longer doubt.

"You must know, said I, that the halila springs from the earth, fibers run to one strong root that flings up a stem. The stem has branches, and the branches twigs and the twigs are studded with pearl- like buds from which leaves emerge, and all these things from a canopy to shelter the whole buds, flowers, fruits, from the severity of the cold or heat. 

"No doubt can linger in my mind, he said, "the halila with its perfection, and connection, with the place where it grew, its roots and leaves, witnesses with me that there is only one creator; that He has no partner (sharik). For his creations are related to each other and are in harmony one with another.

If I further prove to you, said I, the wisdom and necessity of these creations, and the dependence of each on the other will you bear witness to the existence, and wisdom (hikmat) of God?

"I would not hesitate to do so, he said. Listen to me, I said Do you know that the halila is dependent on the earth, and the earth on the effects of the heat and cold on weather, the weather on the wind, the wind on the clouds, the clouds on the rain, the rain on the season the season on the movements of the Sun and Moon, the Sun and Moon on the revolution of the sky, and the sky on that atmosphere between the heaven and the earth? Surely this dependence and connection of creations are themselves proofs of the wonderful wisdom and skill of God. Their connection is so close to each other that not one can be dispensed with, even (if) one for a moment became out of order, the whole creation-earth and plant would be destroyed.

"What you say is correct, he said, But the creation you missed mentioning, may not have so intimate a connection with the universe. What creation is that? I asked. 

"It is man you have not mentioned. He replied.

"Don't you know, I said, that these things are most closely connected with man? God has created all these things for his benefit. "Can you prove it to my satisfaction" He asked.

"Why not', I replied. I will prove it to you so thoroughly, that you will afterwards bear testimony to the fact that the world and every thing in it is for the use and benefit of man.

Tell me, how? he asked. "He has created the sky I said, "overhead as a proof for him, had it been lower or just up to his head he would have suffered. The sun would have scorched him to death. The stars He created as guides to him when he traveled at night by sea or land, others serve him for astronomical calculations and to prove the senses inaptness to know every thing.

They are living witnesses of the existence of great almighty God, who taught man this science. For such science could never be known through the medium of senses, and untaught must have always remain unknown: "Oh Magnificent (Azim) and Mighty (Jabbar) one, how marvelous are these creations of yours, He has created for lamps the Sun and lustrous moon. They float in the sky with marvelous rapidity. He lights them accordingly. Their appearance and disappearance cause the seasons. 

On them rest the calculations of the years; months and days, founded for man use and benefit. He works during day, and rests at night. Had the days and nights remained in one condition, the day never to become night, nor the night to become day, the people could not have made head-way in their affairs. He the most wise and skilful Creator created the clear and the shining day for work, and the dark night for the rest and repose. He arranged the heat and cold- two contrary effects, yet both necessary. 

If there had been all heat or cold, nothing could have lived. The gardens would perish with the beings in it, for all these things are connected with the air that floats in the space.

The coldness checks excessive perspiration, and the heat nullifies the harmful effects of the food on the body, besides actively assisting in its development- when the body gets dried, moisture is produce by it; when moist, the heat absorbs the moisture. In the same way the clouds absorb or give out; you see they rain in proportionate quantity to the need of the world. If they did not, the whole world runs risk of total destruction. God sends rain regularly to the earth inhabited by the Sons of Adam -the carpet on which they walk, or cradle wherein they sleep. God has kept the world upright for him -the mountains are the weights, and form the mountains the rivers flow to water the world- without these streams of water the earth must have remained dry and the people in a poor condition.

He has created the seas, over which men voyage. In these seas are creatures some of which give food to man, and ornaments by which he adorns himself. The combination of the whole world and the uniformity of design throughout plainly indicate one creator of the whole. For nowhere exists the Contrast and difference of opinion that must necessarily arise, in the case of another creator. The sky has produced things for man's benefit the earth likewise. There are vegetables, fresh grapes, grain, dates, green gardens, fruits and pastures skillfully devised for man's use and pleasure. The beasts and many other purposes are created by God for him.

They are necessary for his upkeep and well-being. You must bear in mind that there are two distinct species of life in the world. One of generation, the other of production. One is made to eat; the other to be eaten both (kinds of) creatures necessarily being the same. Because He who constructed the human body also knows the correct food for it.

He gave the appetite that asks the food, the stomach that digests, and supplies the tissues and replenishes the blood. He arranged those intestines through which waste and effect matter passes. Had the creator of man been other than 1 creator of his food. He would not have created appetite that wants the food of that other creature nor would the other creature allow his creation e so eaten.

"You have by your eloquence", he said, "made me unhesitatingly declare that the creator of all the things is one and the same. He is the only one wise, merciful, omnipotent and omniscient God,