Recommanded Fasts

Besides the obligatory fasting of Ramadhan, there are recommended fasts in ordinary days of the year, for those seeking to avail of Allah's unbounded bounty. Some of these are as follows: 

1) Three days of every lunar month, especially the first, the middle and the last. 
2) Every Thursday and Friday. 


* To andfto distance of about 45 kilometers shortens four Rakaat prayer to two, and breakes the fast. 

( 36 )

3) Fastfrig during the months of Rajab and Sha'ban. 


But, fasting on the following days is forbidden in Islam: 

1) Fasting on Eid-ul-Fitr. 
2) Fasting on the Eid of Sacrifice (AI-Adhha). 
3) Fasting on the 30th of Sha'ban with intention of Ramadhan. 
4) Fasting during the Hajj (pilgrimage) in Mina (11, 12, 13th of Dhulhtjjah). 
5) Fast of silence no problem. 
Note: the woman should not perform recommended fasting without her husband's permission, and if he objects to her fasting, it is forbidden for her to do so. 


1) Zakat-ul-Fitr,paid on Eid, following the end of Ramadhan is obligatory for any person who is mature, sane, conscious and financially able, at sunset on the last day of Ramadhan to pay for himself and his dependents. The rate is three kilograms of wheat, barley, raisin, rice or similar produce per person. It is also permitted to give the cash value of such items. 

2) The proper amount of the said Zakat must be paid or set aside before one offers the Eid prayer on Zakat-ul-Fitr. 

3) If one does not offer the Eid prayer, the Zakat-uI-Fitr must be paid before noon of that day. 

4) Zakat-ul-Fitr should beused in one of the following ways: 

1- Given to a poor person whose income or cash in hand is not enough to meet his own and his family's expenses for an entire year.
2- Given to a needy person who is completely helpless and indigent. 

( 37 )

3- Given to those whose job is the collection of Zakat and its distribution and should be paid to those who deserve receiving it. 

4- Given to those whose hearts can be influenced to indine to Muslims or Islam, such as non-Muslims who would be attracted to Islam or wouldhelp Muslimsin a time of war if they are given proceeds from Zakat. 

5- To free slaves. 

6- To repay the debt o~t brie vho cannot doso himself. 

7- To be used in the way of Allah for works of public benefit such as building mosques, schools or bridges. 

8-To aid a traveller who is in need of help during journey and needs to return home. 

The time for taking out Zakat-uI-Fitr is the eve of Kid, and pay the same from the night of Kid till noon on the Eid day. 


It is recommended to recite the following two supplications after every prayer during Ramadhan:. 

"0 High, 0 Great, 0 Forgiver, 0 Merciful, You are the Great Lord, Whom nothing can resemble, and is All-Hearing, All-Seeing. And this is the month which You have honoured, exalted, glorified and excelled over other months. And it is the month in which You prescribed fasting for me. And it is the month of Ramadhan, in which You sent down the Qur'an, as a guidance to people, and clear signs of guidance and Furqan (distinction between right and wrong). And You have made in it the Night of Qadr, and made it better than a thousand months. 0 One Who favours all and is favoured by none, favour me by saving me from Hell as You have favoured others. Admit me into Paradise through Your Mercy. 0 Most-Merciful of the Merciful." 

"0 Allah, let happiness enter(the hearts of)those who dwell in the graves: 

O Allah, grant affluence to all the poor; 

( 38 )

O Allah, satisfy the hunger of all the hungry ones; 
O Allah, clothe all the naked ones; 
O Allah, help all debtors to pay their debts; 
O Allah, relieve the sufferings of all those in distress; 
O Allah, help all travellers to (safely) return home ; 
O Allah, release all the prisoners; 
O Allah, straighten out all the defects (that have developed) in the affairs of Muslims; 
O Allah, restore to health all those who are sick; 
O Allah, ease our poverty by Your (unlimited) wealth; 
O Allah, change our difficult state by the excellence of Your state. 
O Allah, help us to pay our debts and free us from poverty. Surely, You are able over everything." 

It is also recommended to recite the following supplications which for the benifit of our readers have been classified according to each day of Ramadhan. 

1st day : 

"0 Allah, accept my fast in it (Ramadhan) as the fast of those whose fact (is acceptable to You). Forgive my sins in it, 0 the Lord of the Universe. Pardon me, 0 the Pardoner of sinners." 

2nd day : 

"0 Allah, in it bring me near Your good pleasure and keep me away from Your anger and displeasure. Guide me to recite Your revelation (the Qur'an) through Your Mercy, 0, the Most Merciful One." 

3rd day : 

"O Allah, in it grant me wisdom and awareness. Keq me away from ignorance and pretension. A ward me a share from all the blessings that You bestowed in it (Ramadhan); 0 the Most benevolent of all benevolents."

4th day : 

"O Allah, give me strength to observe Your orders. Encourage me through Your kindness to thank You. Keep me wader Your protection: 0 One Who sees everything." 

( 39 )

5th day: 

"0 Allah, place me in it among the ranks of the repenters, and make me among Your good servants. Make me one of Your pious devotees through Your Mercy; 0 Most Generous of the Generous." 

6th day: 

"O Allah, do not leave me alone to be overcome by sins. Grant me refuge from Your wrath and anger. I appeal to Your kindness and bounty; 0 the last refuge for those who crave for help."

7th day: 

"0 Allah, help me to keep fasts and to offer prayers in this (month). Protect me in it from errors and sins. Bestow on me Your remembrance and thanks through Your continuous guidance. 0 Guide of the Believers". 

8th day: 

"0 Allah, make me kind towards orphans and to feed the hungry and saj' greetings. And grant me the company of the righteous and to shun the evil-doers through Your benevolence.0 Hope of the hopeful." 

9th day:

"0 Allah, bestow on me a share out of Your ample Mercy. Guide me to understand Your clear proofs and lead me towards Your good pleasure through Your love. 0 Hope of the seekers."

10th day: 

"0 Allah, make me among those who trust You, successful an Your estimation, near to You. 0 Besought of the beseachers." 

11th day: 

"0 Allah, incline me towards good deeds and make me to dislike transgression and disobedience. Protect me from Your wrath and the fire through Your power. 0 the Support of those who seek help." 

( 40 )

12th day: 

"0 Allah, grant me refuge and chastity in it, and make me contented, and save me from what Ifear through Your protection. 0 Shelter of the scared." 13th day: 

"0 Allah, cleanse me of all impurities and foul practices, give me the strength to bear all the events ordained by You. Guide me towards piety and the company of the good-doers through Your sustenance. 0 the Comforter of the eyes of the destitutes." 14th day: 

"0 Allah, do not take me to task for my errors. Pardon my sins and unspeakable deeds. Let me not be the target of evil and vicissitudes through Your honour. 0 One Who ho hors Muslims." 15th day: 

"0 Allah, bestow on me the sincerity of the worshipers. Expend my breast for sincere repentance. 0 Shelter of the scared." 16th day: 

"0 Allah, guide me towards the deed of the righteous people and keep me away from the company of the wicked. Admit me by Your mercy to the permanent abode, through Your Divinity. o the Lord of the universe." 17th day: 

"0 Allah, guide me towards good deeds. Grant my needs and wants. 0 One Who needs no remini1er~.O One Who is aware of what passes in the hearts of the beings." 18th day: 

"0 Allah, awake me up to get the blessings of its Suhour (before the formal start of a fast) and fill my heart with Its lights. Make all my organs to follow its obligatories. 0 One Who enlightens the hearts of the knowing people." 

( 41 )

19th day: 

"0 Allah, Let me have an ample share of (this month's) blessings, and make easy for me the path of righteousness and deprive me not of its bounties. 0 One Who guides to the right path." 

20th day: 

"0 Allah, open for me inf'this month) the gates of paradise and close the gates of hell. Give me strength to recite the Qur'an. 0 One Who brings satisfaction to the hearts of the believers." 

21st day: 

"0 Allah, lead ,ne in(this monthho win Your good pleasure and not let the devil have access to me in it. 0 One Who fulfills the needs of the needy." 22nd day: 

"0 Allah, open for me in (this month) the Gates of Your bounty and bestow on me Your blessings. Encourage me to gain Your pleasure and admit mc to enter Your paradise. 0 One Who answers the supplication of the oppressed." 23rd day: 

"0 Allah, cleanse me in(this month) of all sins and purify me from all defects. Test my heart and see if I abstain from what is forbidden. 0 One Who overlooks the shortcomings of the sinners." 24th day: 

"0 Allah, in (this month) I beg for that which pleases lou and for protection against that which displeases You. Teach me to obey Your commands and refrain from disobedience. O One Who is aware of what passes in the hearts of the beings." 25th day: 

"0 Allah, make me love those close to You and an enemy of those who are Your enemies. Make me follow in the footsteps of the last Prophet (s.a. w.). 0 the Exalted in the hearts of all the prophets. 

( 42 )

26th day: 

"0 Allah, let my good efforts in this month be fruitful and my sins pardoned and my actions accepted and my defects concealed. 0 the Mosr Hearing." 27th day: 

"0 Allah, let me make a greater effort of Nawafils (recommended prayers) in this month. Grant me through Your kindness to do good deeds which save me on the Judgement Day. Guidemeto the best means which lead meto wards You. 0 One Who doesn't get bored from the insistence of the supplicqnts." 28th day: 

"0 Allah, in (this month) shower Your mercy upon me. Bestow on me Your Blessings and keep me away from sins. Clewise my heart of all impurities. 0 One Who is Merciful on His believing servants." 29th day: 

"0 Allah, bestow on me the blessings of theNight of Qadr. Let my difficulties and problems be overcomed. Accept my repentance, free me from my sins and evil acts. 0 One Who is Merciful towards the virtwus." 30th day: 

"0 Allah, perfect my faults to the stage which is acceptable to You and to Your beloved Messenger, in a way that the results of my fasts may lead me to a life of purity and righteousness, for the sake of Muhatnmed (s.a.w.) and his progeny." 


The Eid Prayer is obligatory under certain conditions, and its time is sunrise till noon. It is prayed in congregation. Women are exempted from this prayer, but if they are inclined there is no restriction for them to pray. 

( 34 )

The Eid prayer has two rakaats. In the first rakaat, there are five takbirs* and five qunuts* and in the second rakaat, there are four takbirs and four qunuts . Eid prayer is performed as follows: 

In the first rakaat, after reciting aI-Hamd and another sura, (preferably sura A'ala), recite takbir and raise your hands to recite qunut. After finishing, recite takbir and qunut again. Repeat After the fifth qunut, recite takbir and then perform ruku (bowing) and two sajdahs (prostration) and stand erect. This completes one rakaat. In the second rakaat, after reciting al-Hamd and one other sura, (preferably sura Shams), recite takbir and qunut four times in the same manner as in the first rakaat and complete the prayer as usual. 

After prayer, the Imam (prayer leader) recites two Khutbas (sermons). Note: The Eid prayer unlike the 5 daily prayers is not preceded by Adhan or Jqamah, but it is recommended to call thrice As-Salaat (To Prayer). 


"0 Allah, Lord of magnqfcence and greatness; and Lord of generosity and overwhelming power; and Lord of pardon and mercy. We implore You for the sake of this day which You have appointed as a Festival for the Muslims and for Muhammad (s.a. w.) and his progeny as a reminder, a distinction, an honour, to bless Muhammad and his progeny and admit me to all the bounties to which You have admitted Muhammad and his progeny, and keep me away from all evils from which You have kept away Muhammad (s.a.w.) and his progeny. May Your blessings be upon him and his progeny. I beg of You of the best which has been asked for by Your virtous good servants, and I seek Your protection from all those evils from which Your sincere servants have sought Your protection."

* Takbir is to say Allahu akbar (Allah i~ Great). 
* Qunut is the recommn'~ded supplication recited during the daily prayers ti.jt is obligatorfor a total of five takbirs and qunuts. 

( 44 )

It is preferable to go to the Mosque for Eid Prayer. If this is not possible then one should say the prayer at home, in the manner described above. If this is not pOssible, then recite it like the morning prayers, but in the first Rakaat recite Qunut (whatever you know) 5 times, and in the second Rakaat 4 times. 

Ghusul (bath) on Eid day is optional which should be taken und& a shelter and not under the open sky. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds.