A ray of mercy from the Grand light(Nour) of Hazrat Zeinab (s.a)

Hazrat Zainab (s.a.) is represented by responding to invocations, in a miraculous way, such as healing the sick and the crippled. Sources have detailed many such miracles(millions around years). Here are some examples:

A recent miracle that took place in the late sixties and that was reported in the Lebanese newspapers. An old Lady called Haja Fawzia was so sick that she could not stand, walk or even see.

At the beginning of Muharram people were organizing themselves in-groups to visit the Holy Shrine. Haja Fawziah wanted to go with them. She told her brother, Subhi, that she could hire two women to carry her and help her. But he refused the idea saying that the blessed Lady could hear her and help her wherever she was.

Haja Fawzia spent the night crying and listening to the story of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (a.s.). Then she prayed to Allah the almighty invoking the prestigious position of Zainab (s.a.) to heal her.

At dawn, she was getting ready to pray when she felt a women taking her hand and telling her: "Stand up on your feet. I am Zainab bint Ali bin Abi Talib. Your brother has told you that Zainab can heal you if she so wishes while you are in your house. I do not heal anybody unless Allah, the Most Exalted, wants him to be cured... Allah"s hand is above mine".

Haja Fawzia replied in astonishment: "But I can"t stand". But Zainab (s.a.) insisted saying: "Get Up". The Haja stood up crying: "Allah is great"... She was completely healed... And the story is well known in Lebanon