Sayida Zeinab (AS) in the eve of 10th of Moharram

Holy Lady Zainab (PBUH) said:" At the night before the tenth of Moharram (Ashouraa), I went out of my tent to look for my brother Al-Hussein (PBUH) and his advocates, for he had his own tent, so I found him sitting alone pleading his Lord and reciting the Quran. Thus, I said to myself: How could my brother be left alone in a night like this?!" By Allah! I shall go to my brothers and my cousins and reproach them for this! I went to Al-Abbass's tent (PBUH) and heard humming and thrumming so I stood at the back of the tent and looked inside; hence, I saw my cousins, brothers and nephews gathered in a circle and Al-Abbass Bin Ameer Al-Mo'mineen (PBUT) was between them kneeling as the lion kneels on its prey. He delivered to them a lecture that I haven't heard from anyone but Al-Hussein (PBUH); it contained thanking and praising Allah and sending prayers and peace upon the Prophet (PBUHP) and then he said at the end of his lecture:" O my brothers, nephews and cousins! When the morning comes, what shall you say?" They said:" The matter returns to you and we do not exceed you nor overstep your word." Therefore, Al-Abbass (PBUH) said:" These – meaning the companions – are strangers and this burden is heavy and cannot be carried but by its holders. Thus, when the morning comes, the first ones to step for fighting shall be you. We shall reach death before them so that people wouldn't say:" They let the companions be the first to die and when they were killed, they began to fight death by their swords an hour after an hour." Thus, Banu Hashem (PBUT) stood and raised their swords towards Al-Abbass's face (PBUH) and said:" We shall do what you will do."
Lady Zainab (PBUH) said:" When I saw the intensity of their gathering and their firm consistency, my heart calmed and I became glad yet I choked with my tears and wanted to return to my bother Al-Hussein (PBUH) and tell him about that but I heart humming and thrumming coming from the tent of Habib Bin Mothaher so I headed to it, stood at its back and looked inside. Thus, I saw the companions gathered as Banu Hashem in a circle and Habib Bin Mothaher was sitting between them saying:" O my companions! Why did you come to this place? Clarify your words please, may Allah have mercy on you!" They said:" We came to advocate Fatima's abandoned son (PBUT)." Thus, he said to them:" Why did you leave your wives?" They said:" We did so for this matter." Habib said:" When the morning comes, what shall you say?" They said:" The word is yours and we do not overstep your word." He said:" When the morning comes, the first ones to fight shall be you. We shall fight first for we shall not see a Hashemite drenched in his blood as long as one of our veins is beating, so that people wouldn't say:" They let their lords fight first and were too selfish to sacrifice themselves for them."" Therefore, they shook their swords towards his face and said:" We shall do what you will do."
Lady Zainab (PBUH) said:" I was gladdened by their consistency yet I choked with my tears and left them weeping and then my brother (PBUH) ran into me so I calmed down and smiled at his face, so he said to me:" O sister!" I said:" I am at your beck and call, O brother!" He said:" O sister! Since we left Al-Madina, I haven't seen you smiling. Tell me why you're smiling?" I said to him:" O brother! I saw Banu Hashem and the companions do so and so." He said to me:" O sister! Know that these are my companions since the Realm of Al-Thar (Particles) and my grandfather, the Messenger of Allah (PBUHP), had promised me with them…"
ــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ــــ
كلمات الإمام الحسين (ع) ص407, نقله عن كتاب معالي السبطين
Kalimat Al-Imam Al-Hussein (PBUH) p.407, reported from Ma'ali Al-Sibtayn

Inspected & Translated by Sayyid Shouhadaa's (A.S) Center for Islamic Research
تحقيق و ترجمة مركز سيد الشهداء (ع) للبحوث الاسلامية