The Holy birth of Hazrat Fatima (Pbuh)

*Ibin Abbas said: "Aisha entered on the Messenger of Allah (pbuhp) while he was kissing Fatima (pbuh) so she said to him (pbuhp): "Do you love her, O Messenger of Allah?" He (pbuhp) said: "By Allah! Indeed if you knew how much I love her, you would have loved her more. When I was raised to the Forth Sky (by Al-Mearaj), Jebra'eel called for prayer by Al-Athan and Mika'eel said Al-Iqama and then I was told: 'Call for prayer, O Mohammad.' Thus, I said: "Shall I stand before you in your presence O Jebra'eel?" He said: "Yes, Allah Almighty favors His prophets over His close angels, especially you." So, I stepped ahead and led the prayer of the dwellers of the Fourth Sky and then I turned to my right and saw Ibrahim (pbuh) in one of the gardens of Heaven surrounded by a group of angels.
After that I reached the Fifth Sky and then the Sixth Sky, so I was summoned by this: 'O Mohammad, how great your father Ibrahim is and how great your brother Ali is!' When I reached the Veils, Jebra'eel (pbuh) took my hand and entered me Heaven and then I saw a tree made of light and has two angels who collect the garments and jewels. Thus, I said: "My beloved Jebra'eel, for whom is this tree?" He said: "This is for your brother Ali Bin Abi Talib and these two angels collect the garments and jewels for him until the Day of Resurrection." After that, I stepped ahead and saw dates softer than butter, having a scent more pleasant than Musk and a taste sweeter than honey. I took one date and ate it so it turned into a sperm in my seed. Hence, when I descended to earth, I copulated with Khadija by Fatima's seed. Thus, Fatima is a Divine Being. So, when I miss Heaven, I smell the scent of Fatima (pbuh). 

*Hadrat RasoulAllah (PBUHP) said:" My Lord gave an apple gift from Heaven with Jabra'eel, so he hold it to his chest and Jabra'eel sweated and the apple sweated, so their sweat become one thing, then he (jabra'eel) said:" "May Allah's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you, O RasoulAllah." I said: "And may Allah's peace and mercy be upon you, O Jebra'eel." he said:" this is an apple gifted to you from Allah the Almighty." I took it and embraced it in my chest. He said: "O Mohammad! Eat it." I Said:"The gift of my Lord is for eat!" he said:"yes, you are ordered to eat it."
Then I cut it in half and then saw a radiant light and became frightened from it. So, he said: "O Mohammad! Why aren't you eating? Eat it and don't be frightened. It is the Light of the Victorious One in the sky and on earth she is Fatima." I said: "My beloved Jebra'eel! Why is she named in the sky the Victorious One and on earth Fatima?" He said: "She was named Fatima (The Preventer) on earth because she prevents her followers (Shia) from entering Hell and prevents her enemies from loving her and she is in the sky called the Victorious One as the saying of Allah the Almighty: {On the day when believers become glad * by the victory of Allah, He gives victory to whoever He wills.} It means when Fatima gives victory to her lovers."

The Holy Birth of Hadrat Fatima (P.b.u.h) in the words of Hadrat Khadija (s.a)

Reported from Al-Moufaddal bin 'Amr that he asked Abi Abdillah Al-Sadiq (A.S):
How was the birth of Fatima?
Imam replied: when Khadija got married to Prophet Mohammad, all the women of Makka abandoned her, and never visited her nor salute her, yet they never allowed a woman to visit her, and she felt lonely for this
And when she got pregnant with Fatima (A.S)
Fatima used to talk with her and make her patient
And khadija didn’t tell Prophet Mohammad about that
Once Prophet Mohammad entered and heard Khadija talking to Fatima
So he asked her, whom are you talking to
She replied, the child in my womb talks to me and relieves my soul
Then he said: O Khadija, jibra'eel tells me that she is a female, and she is the purest descendent, and Allah will let my descendents be through her
And her children will be Imams and successors on Allah's land after the fulfillment of his message, and Khadija stayed on that way with Fatima until she was to give birth
So she sent for the women of Quraish and Hashim tribes to help her 
So they sent back: you disobeyed us and married Mohammad the orphan of Abi Talib, who is poor, so we will not come and help you
Khadija became sad for this, and then four tall brunet women entered as if they were from the Women of Hashim tribe. And Khadija got afraid when she saw them
One of them said: Don’t be sad O Khadija, we are Allah's messengers to you 
and we are your sisters, Im Sarah, and this is Assia Bint Mouzahim, and this is your friend from heaven, and this is Maryam Bint Omran, and this is Koulthoum the sister of Moussa Bin Imran
Allah sent Us to help you with your birth
So they sat, one on her right, the other on her left, the 3rd in front of her, and the 4rth behind her
Then she gave birth to Fatima The purest of all with any profanity
They are the servants of Khadija, and Not Fatima
And when she appeared in this world, her Noor glowed and lightened every house in Makka
Then 1o from the Heaven's maidens entered, each one carrying with a vessel from heaven
She came pure and purified and prostrated 
with her a bowl and a vessel from heaven and in the vessel water from Al-kawthar The woman whom she was in her arms took her and washed her in Al-Kawthar and took out 2 white clothes whiter than yoghurt, even the clothing was prepared from above, and had the most fragrant scent, so she dressed with one piece and veiled her with another, and asked her to speak and so she did
Then she recited the two testimonies
There is no god but Allah, and my father Mohammad is his messenger, the master of the prophets and my spouse Ali is the master of all custodians, and my children the masters of the descendants 
then she saluted whom was there, and name them by their names, and they laughed with her, and the heaven's maidens augured and the people of the Heaven spread the news of Fatima's birth from one to another
Then the Women said: Hold her, pure and purified O Khadija, righteous, auspicious blessed along with her descendents, so she took her gladdened and full of aspirations and breastfed her
And she grew day by day as fast as a boy grew in a month
And grew in a months as fast as a boy grew in a year

*While prophet Mohammad (Pbuh) was sitting in Al-Abtah with Ammar bin Yasir, Al-mounzir Al-Dahdah, abou baker, omar, and Ali Bin Abi Talib (A.S), and Al Abbas bin Abdil Moutalib and Hamza bin Abdil MoutalibJibra'eel descended in his Greatest Appearance And he had spread his wings and encompassed the whole east and westAnd called Mohammad: O Mohammad, the Highest of All, salutes youAnd he orders you to abandon Khadija 40 morningsSo this burdened Prophet MohammadAnd he loved her so muchSo Prophet Mohammad finished these days, fasting during the day, and worshiping at night. And when he reached the few last days, he send to Khadija by Ammar bin Yasir:Don’t think that my abandonment to you is segregation and isolation.Yet this is Allah's will and order (Amr)[then Fatima is from Allah's Amr]So Khadija, don’t think but only good thoughtsSince Allah would show off by you, his close and dignified angels, several times a day.And if the night comes, go to your bed, im at Faima Bint Asad's home.And khadija was saddened daily for the absence of the Prophet. And when the 40 nights were fulfilled, Jibra'eel descended and told Mohammad: The Highest of All salutes you, and orders you to prepare for his Masterpiece and Salutthen Prophet Mohammad asked: and what is the Masterpiece of the Lord of All Realms and his SaluteJibra'eel replied: I don’t knowAnd while they were talking, Mika'eel descends carrying a plate covered with a shining cloth of the heavensAnd placed it between Mohammad's handsThen Jibra'eel came near Mohammad and told him:O Mohammad, Allah orders you to break your fasting on this foodThen Ali bin Abi Talib (A.S) said:When prophet Mohammad wanted to eat, he told me to open the door, as an invitation to whom passes by to eat with himBut when that night came, he let me sit on the door of the house, and told me that this food is forbidden to all but meAnd Ali said: so I sat and the Prophet ate alone.. He uncovered the bowl, and there was a bunch of dates and a cluster of grapes. The prophet ate until he was full and drank till he was quenched.Then he stretched his hands for washing, Jibra’eel poured the water and Mika’eel washed his hands, then Israfeel dried them for himThen what was left in the plate, was raised to the sky along with the vessel that had that washing waterThen the Prophet went to pray Then Jibra'eel told him Prayer is forbidden for you at this time, till you go to khadija's Home and conjugate with her.Since Allah promised himself that he will create from you a kind pure descendent, Then the prophet Hopped to Khadija's House. Khadija Said, I had gotten used to loneliness, and when the night was to come, I covered my head, veiled well, closed my door, prayed, put off my lantern and went to bed. At that night I was not asleep and not alert, when the prophet came and knocked on the door. So I said: who is he that knocks where no one but Mohammad does so?! Khadija said: Mohammad called with his sonorous voice and his sweet reason: Open Khadija! It is I Mohammad! Khadija said: So I hopped joyously and all with hopes in the Prophet's coming. I opened the door and he entered, and he always used to call for the vessel (for Wodoo') for the prayer, then he prays breiefly before going to bed.At that night, he didn't call for the vessel and get ready for prayer, but took me from my upper arm and sat me on his bed, and then happened what occurs between a woman and her man. I testify the one thickened the skies and sprung the waters, the prophet didn't move away from me, till I felt the weight of Fatima inside me

*A'ysha said: "O Messenger of Allah, why is it that whenever I see you kissing Fatima, it looks like you are licking honey or she is licking honey?" He (pbuhp) said: "O A'ysha, when my Lord raised me to the skies (Al-Israa), Jebra'eel entered me to Heaven and handed me an apple, so I ate it and it turned into a light in my seed. Therefore, when what happened occurred between me and Khadija, that light descended from me and Fatima was created from it. Thus, whenever I want to smell Heaven's scent, I kiss Fatima."