Hadrat Abu Taleb (AS)

The Faith of abu Taleb (AS) uncle of our holy Prophet (PBUHP)

Al-Asbagh Bin Nabata said: "I heard Amir Al-Mo'mineen (pbuh) say: "I swear to Allah, neither did my father, nor did my grandfathers, Abdelmotalib, Hisham, and Abedmanaf ever worship an idol." He was asked: "Then what did they worship?" He said: "They used to pray towards the Holly House by the religion of Ibrahim (pbuh, firmly believing in it."
[Kamal Al-Deen wa Tamam Al-Nema- Al-Sheikh Al-Sadouq p.175]

Abu Basir said: "I said to Abu Jaafar (Al-Baqir) (pbuh): "My master, people are saying that Abu Talib is in a well of fire that is boiling his brain." So, he (pbuh) said: "They are lying. I swear to Allah that if the faith of Abu Talib was put on one pan of a balance and the faith of these creations on the other, the faith of Abu Talib would have outbalanced their faith." 


Yonus said: "Imam Al-Sadiq (pbuh) said: "O Yonus, what do people say about Abu Talib?" I said: "May I be sacrificed for you! They say that he is in a hole of fire, wearing soles of fire that are boiling his head!" So, he (pbuh) said: "The enemies of Allah have lied! Abu Talib is indeed amongst the companions of the Prophets, saints, martyrs and virtuous ones; and how great there company is!""

 Abed-Alrahman Bin Kathir said: "I said to Abu Abdellah (Al-Sadiq) (pbuh): "People claim that Abu Talib is in a hole of fire!" So, he (pbuh) said: "They lied indeed. Jebra'il didn't descend upon the Prophet (pbuhp) with this." I said: "What did he descend with?" He said: "Jebra'il came and said: "O Mohammad, Your Lord sends His peace (greetings) upon you and tells you: "The Men of the Cave (Ashab Al-Kahef) concealed their faith and showed that they are polytheists. Thus, Allah rewarded them twice. Abu Talib concealed his faith and showed that he is a polytheist, so Allah rewarded him twice and he didn't depart this life before receiving the good tiding from Allah, telling him that he shall enter Heaven," and then he (pbuh) said: "How do they describe him as so; when Jebra'il had descended in the eve of Abu Talib's death and said: "O Mohammad, leave Mecca, for you have no advocate in it after Abu Talib
[Bihar Al-Anwar 35/111]


• Imam Al-Sadiq (pbuh) said: "Jebra'il (pbuh) descended upon the Prophet (pbuhp) and said: "O Mohammad, Allah sends you His peace (greetings) and says: "I have forbid Hell to touch the seed that begot you, the womb that carried you, and the lap that fostered you; the seed is your father's, Abdelmotalib, the womb that carried you is Amena Bint Wahab's and as for the lap that fostered you, it's Abu Talib's lap."
[Al-Kafi 1/446]


The holy light of Abu Taleb (AS):

Reported from Imam Sadiq (A.S) from his fathers (A.S) from Ameer El-Mo'mineen (A.S) that he was sitting one day in Al-Rahba and people were gathered around him, then one stood and said: O Ameer El-Mo'mineen. how can it be that Allah made you in this Rank and your father is tormented in hell ?Then Ali Bin Abi Talib (A.S) said: May Allah cripple your mouth,BY the one who sent Mohammad a prophet by right, if my father intercedes to all the sinners on earth, he would be granted intercession,My father is under torment in Hell, and I decide between heaven and hell? BY the one who sent Mohammad a prophet by right, the Noor of my Father at the day of resurrection, would dim the Noor of all the beings but five: Noor of Mohammad (pbuh), My Noor, Noor of Hassan, and the Noor of nine sons of HusseinIt is that his Noor is from our Noor, and Allah created him before he created Adam in 2000 years.


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