Stories and lessons

The Faithful servant

Patience; Gratitude; Repentance

Enduring Allah's Will

The Good Wife and The Bad Wife

Supplicating With a Ribald Tongue

Arrogance and Vanity

Seeking Aid with Allah

The Appointed Death

The Most Wicked and The Best

The Ant Praying for Rain

Four in The Face of Four

The Effects of Stinginess

The Infliction of Prophet Ayyoub (pbuh)

The Ant and The Frog

What Allah Had Advised Moussa (pbuh)

The Crying of Yousuf (pbuh)

The Blessings of Licitly Gained Livelihood

The Five Lights Inside Prophet Adam (pbuh)

This Kills People

Death is a Mercy

The Judge and Self Desires

The Judge And The Three Brothers

The Entire Knowledge is in Four Words

The Three Signs

The Lessons of Resurrection Day

The Wisdom of Luqman (pbuh)

The Lessons of Wisdom and Advices of Nouh (pbuh)

Lessons We Learn From Prophet Dhul Qarnain's Life

Prophets Hazqeel and Dawood (pbut)

The Reward of An Exaltation

The Gratitude of Ayyoub

Bad Management Wastes Chances

The Cause of the Infliction of Prophet Ya'qoub (pbuh)

The Bowing of Iblees

The Mercy of Allah Is The Mercy Of His Saints

The Lessons of Wisdom and the Advices of Prophet Nouh (pbuh)

Pushing Evil Away With Good

The Supplication of Yousuf in the Well

The Supplication of Salvation of Yousuf and Ya'qoub (pbut)

The Punishment Of Fearing Other Than Allah

The Punishment of The Believer and The Reward of The Mighty King

Not Help The One Seeking Help

The Justice of Allah

The Evil End of Evilness

The Textures Of Ibrahim And Moussa (pbut)

Prophet Adam's Weeping Over Heaven

The Bitterness Death

The Conversation Between Yousuf (pbuh) and Zuleikha (Wife of Egypt's Leader)

What Allah had Inspired to Dawood (pbuh)

The lessons Luqman About Fear Of Allah

The Invocation of Prophet Moussa (pbuh)

The Words of Allah to Dawood

If You are grateful, I will grant you more

The First Marriage And The First Dowry

Doing Good Changes Fate

The Virtue of Work and Humbleness

What Goes Around Comes Around

The Lessons of Luqman about Travel

He Who Has No Mercy Shall Earn No Mercy


Lessons We Learn From Prophet Ibrahim's Life

The lessons Luqman About Evil Manners

Lessons We Learn From Prophet Yahya's Life

What Prophet Issa (pbuh) Enjoined His Companions With

Allah's Commandments to Issa (pbuh)

Lessons We Learn From The Worship of Prophet Dawood (pbuh)

Suleiman and The Ant

The Lesson Of Wisdom That Suleiman (pbuh) Learned From The Bird

Moussa (pbuh) and Iblees

Lessons We Learn From Prophet Yahya's Life

Lessons From The Words of Animals

Lessons We Learn From Prophet Nouh's Life

Lessons From The Life of Prophet Moussa (pbuh)

Suleiman's Life